Veronica Diaz

Talk about a challenge! Veronica Diaz of California Closets Miami recently had the opportunity of helping a newly married couple who moved from their parents’ house to their new 500 SF. studio apartment.
Words // Yoshi Sanz Photo // Antonio Eli | October 27, 2021 | People

“They both had just started their careers as paralegals and had suitcases and boxes full of clothes, a modest budget, and the biggest smile on their faces,” she says. “They were very eager about starting their new life together and needed an expert to help them create a closet/storage solution for their cozy little nest!” In terms of aesthetic, Diaz believes it’s all about traditional, sleek and all white! “A timeless classic white space will make any area feel bright and clean,” she says. “Just by choosing different decorative hardware, a room can be easily transformed from simple to modern or even glamorous.” In terms of inspiration, she’s got it in spades. “Each consultation is a new adventure and a new challenge to conquer,” she says. “Experiencing so many different lifestyles, trends and personalities from all of my clients always stimulates my creativity and generates new ideas!”;