Vine Finds

Oregon and Virginia are making a name for themselves with winning wine varieties. Check out what these regions have to offer wine lovers and plan your boozy escape, whether you prefer red or white.
Text by Estrellita S. Sibila | May 27, 2018 | Lifestyle

Portland Pinot
If you’re looking for world-class Pinots or superb Syrah, plan your next vino vacation to Oregon for some saucy sips. Drive an hour south of Portland to Oregon’s leading wine region Willamette Valley to enjoy a taste of a smoky Pinot Noir. Plan ahead, sample and stay for a while at one of the 400+ wineries and their out-of-this-world wine & food pairing experiences. The state is blessed with one of the most diverse geo-climates in the world, so vintners can successfully grow superb cool- and warm-climate grape varieties. This means more flavor profiles for you to explore. A designated driver is definitely recommended.

Virginia Viognier
Have you heard? Virginia is for lovers and lovers of wine. Wine aficionados are taking note of the Old Dominion State for both the beauty of its vineyards and the ever-evolving quality of its wines. The state’s signature grape is the Viognier, an aromatic white variety that runs the gamut from subtle & crisp to exuberant & rich, with most displaying expressive floral aromas and hints of apricot, peach and mango. Get acquainted in hip and historic Charlottesville before heading south to the Monticello Wine Trail where you can sample some of the finest Viogniers found in what’s increasingly being hailed as “Napa Of The East”.