Vintage Vixens

An on-trend entrepreneur recasting consignment for the modern day Miamian, Angie Ferrer Domecq, Founder & Principal of ViBe Consignment, sat down to give us The 411 on pre-loved designer pieces.
Text by Hugh Marchand | May 8, 2018 | People

It’s an unfortunate fact often unremarked in the socialite sphere: a once-awe-inspiring outfit no longer pulses with the puissance it exhibited pre-purchase. Delicately decanting this dilemma with all the grace deserving of a marvelously modern fashionista, Angie Ferrer Domecq and ViBe Consignment are artfully re-framing the concept of consignment to our city. “In the past, people have viewed consignment as consisting of out-of-date or used clothing — and maybe that was true in the past, but cosignment shopping has evolved,” says Domecq, whose team intensely authenticates each item to ensure it meets her exacting (and elegant) standards. A ceaselessly successful businesswomen ever-seeking to evolve in the entrepreneurial sphere, Domecq’s vision for the future of ViBe has evolved into more than just consignment. “If you need help cleaning out your closet and finding your ViBe, we’ve got you covered,” she says. “Our other baby, ViBe Edition, focuses on vintage, up-and-coming designers, capsule collections and curated objects.” Want to throw an event with them or use their space for a special occasion? Domecq has a group of pros who can make that happen. “You might think it’s ambitious, but those who know me understand that I want my clients, my ‘ViBe Tribe,’ to feel that extension of me.”;