Vroom Factor

Aston Martin has a long and colorful history drenched in seriously epic cars that turn gasoline into splendid noise. The latest offering demonstrates the passion to build great rides is alive and well.
Words by Bill LindSey | March 31, 2019 | Luxury

For many, the words “Aston Martin” conjure up images of Sean Connery as James Bond, slithering around hairpin turns high in the mountains in his Aston Martin DB5. Sadly, there are less than a handful of DB5’s left. Happily, the firm is making big piles of the latest incarnation, the Aston Martin DBS Superleggera Tag Heuer Edition. As the flagship of the line, the Superleggera is a car that runs as good as it looks, and this version of it looks amazing. The menacing Monaco Black finish is accented with red trim and piping on the supple leather seats, red Tag Heuer logos and even red lettering on the Pirelli tires. While Tag Heuer watches keep perfect time, the car runs fast. A 715-hp twin-turbocharged V12 engine ensures rocket-like acceleration and top end speed that will make your insurance agent nervous. Only 50 will be made, ensuring mythic status. Tick-tock, hurry up and get one!;