Vuitton Workout

Dumbells are supposed to have heft. But normally it’s their physical weight, not the pricetag that’s heavy. These diving pieces of workout equipment from Louis Vuitton are worth every penny.
Words by Zelda Grant | January 30, 2020 | Lifestyle

Looking at their current catalog, it’s hard to imagine that once Louis Vuitton was known largely for their oversized steamer trunks of the rich, royal and famous. Today, the logo is on everything from drum sets to sleep masks, snowballs, chainsaws, trashbags and now the world’s coolest pair of dumbells. These weighty 6.7 pounders are delightfully exclusive and elevate the look of even the most posh home gym. There’s an equal temptation to take these stunning and sporty pieces to the local gym to show off as you do your curls in high style as the bright gym lights reflecting off their lustrous metal finish, eye-catching monogram eclipse handle and signature engravings. They’re too cool not to use daily and they’ll surely help you lose weight for a blood-pumping $2,650;