Wallpaper Wow

Wallpaper adds pattern and color to any room. With the addition of some carefully placed Frameworks frames layered on top, that same wallpaper can takes hold of our senses and change our entire perception.
Words by Sandy Lindsey | June 24, 2021 | Lifestyle

At Frameworks, good wall design is an art form. It’s known that wallpaper can spice up a room with pattern, but Frameworks takes that concept one giant step further with a framing design that creates dynamic shapes within the home with texture and layers. As you can see in the images, the frames make the wallpaper pop out, giving it a 3D living feel. It’s both continuous and broken up — an ingenious way to incorporate the texture and feel of framed art on a wall with wallpaper, in essence creating “wallpaper art.” Many scenic wallpapers lean on the use of artistic perspective. Objects meant to be “closest” are larger in size and darker in value, while receding imagery diminishes in size and value, thus becoming lighter. Frameworks adds true depth, texture and perception in tactile framed form, bringing the wall alive. The company can do the wallpaper, printing and framing of the artwork, as well as custom creation wallpaper so you’re only limited by your imagination;