Waste Not

Meet Bibbitec, a children’s line with a winning solution for keeping your kids clean while saving you money and making Mother Earth smile.
Text by Estrellita S. Sibila | June 1, 2018 | Lifestyle

Raise your hand if you want your kids to enjoy fun and creative activities (and meals) without worrying about stains, spills, messes or ruined clothes. Ok, there’s too many hands up to handle! Of course every parent wants that! Your eco Earth-saving solution: Miami-based Bibbitec Ultimate Bibs & Kids Smocks. They offer different types of baby bibs in sizes perfect for feeding infants and toddlers and larger smocks for kids up to 10 years old. Stylish, stain-resistant, fast-drying, lightweight and made in the USA, these bibs and smocks are sure to save you loads of laundry time, money and plenty of battles with icky stickies;