Watercolor Dreams

Jorge Leon’s paintings start off based on his photographs. The images are then run through his creative brain, until he is no longer painting what is in front of him but what he sees in his mind’s eye.
Words // Sandy Lindsey | December 26, 2023 | People

Born and raised in Havana, an architect by training but an artist at heart, Jorge Leon matured professionally and artistically in South Florida. He retired in 2002 and started spending summers in Spain and travelling through Europe, Australia and Asia. “I like to wander and take photos, lots of them,” he says. “Later on, at my computer at home, I look for opportunities for potential paintings. I like to paint in series, so when I paint some flowers, I dedicate a series to them.” In 2008, he started entering juried shows, accumulating several First Place Awards, Best In Show and People’s Choice selections. “My biggest challenge is to stay focused,” he says. “As my paintings develop, I start thinking on other project possibilities, or in other treatments, finishes, etc., and I find myself working on a few paintings at the same time, and developing others in my mind.” Today, he works mostly in watercolor, but also paints in acrylics, pen, ink and mixed media.