Wedded Bliss

Life with my wife is full of surprises. From the moment I proposed to her at a crowded McDonald’s in India during a rare hail-filled summer sandstorm and lunar eclipse on a day that is the same forward and backward an hour before our flight back home, I knew our life together would be anything but ordinary.
Text by Jorge Arauz, Editor in Chief. Photos by Ricky Stern | May 20, 2018 | Lifestyle

We’re really lucky. Not just because we found each other, but because we’ve picked the winning lottery numbers twice. No, it wasn’t for a $1 billion POWERBALL draw, it was for PLAY 4 (our new P.O. Box number) and CASH 3 (our queue number when we applied for our marriage license). When I told her that I wanted to get married on my birthday because I couldn’t imagine a better birthday present than to have her as my wife, and she agreed, I smiled and hugged her with all my might. I knew there was no way I was EVER going to forget our anniversary. Happy wife, happy life? You bet. 

“Once you realize that true love is like a living, breathing adventure, you’ll be happy to let it lead the way wherever life takes you.”

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