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Weight-Loss Myths

Don’t be fooled by what you hear through the grapevine about weight-loss and body toning. Fitness expert Alex Cure-Ferreira sets the record straight.
Text by Alex Cure | June 22, 2018 | Beauty & Wellness

When we’re trying to meet a fitness goal — like achieving those abs we envy when we see them on TV — we often turn to our friends for tips and advice. But in the world of fitness, myths and half-truths abound, and many can actually keep you from finding the best and safest workouts for yourself. Here are a few you may have heard, and the truth behind them:
• “Carbs make me fat!”: While skipping carbohydrates can cause you to lose a few pounds in the beginning, you’ll gain it back and more as soon as you bring them back into your diet.
• “Daily ab exercises yield a six-pack!”: Though it sounds logical, this myth is totally misguided. What stops you from having a flat stomach — or toned under-arms, for that matter — is not weak muscles in those regions but excess fat. Burn the fat, and you’ll see the tone.
• “Long bouts of cardio will get me toned!”: Long, slow bouts of cardio of any kind are actually inefficient. To truly crank up your metabolism, you need an exertion level that feels uncomfortable. This will lead to quicker results.
The real key to losing weight is to have a balanced diet and proper exercise plan. Use portion control and limit intake of bad-for-you foods. In your workout, a mix of cardio and strength training is usually the best choice. Change doesn’t happen overnight, but the best way to achieve it is through hard work and persistence.

› Alex Cure-Ferreira studied Exercise Physiology at FIU, and is currently CEO & Head Trainer of Cure Fitness. He loves helping to educate people and make a different in their lives;

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