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Keeping track of your own health records can be a tough job, but having access to a complete history makes it easier for doctors to help you make the right choices. Luckily for you, Google now offers a way to help you do just that. Google Health can automatically download health info from a growing list of partners. And best of all, it’s completely free;

Healthy Gaming
We all know how easy it can be to spend hours glued to a video game. Imagine if that video game was actually making you healthier. Your Shape from Ubisoft, coming in November, will use Xbox 360’s new Kinect technology to help you reach your fitness goals. Kinect tracks the movements of your body in real time without a controller;

Beautiful Brows
Browlift surgery has become one of the most commonly performed procedures in the past several years to help rejuvenate the upper half of the face. As we age, the forehead and brow start to fall, causing the appearance of heaviness to the lids and accentuating those unsightly crow’s feet. Many people think that they need a lid surgery to correct this, when they actually need to lift up the brow. Many people also start to develop deep creases in the forehead which is often due to the muscles in that area trying to help lift up the brow. Surgically elevating the brow can help relieve this muscle over-action and improve the forehead creases. There are a variety of ways to elevate the brow, including an endoscopic browlift done with small incisions behind the hairline. Other options include a pretrichial browlift where an incision is made in front of the hairline and some of the forehead skin is excised. This is a great option for someone with a long forehead! There are also various techniques available that are done through an upper eyelid incision. For some patients, once the forehead is elevated, there is no need to do an upper lid surgery, which I have found is a welcomed relief for many of my patients.

› Dr. John J. Martin specializes in eye, facial, and neck rejuvenation, as well as laser and other non-surgical treatments. He received his degree at Harvard Medical School and is a member of the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. For a consultation, call 305.444.5950 or visit

“My grandmother started walking 5 miles a day when she was 60.
She’s 97 now, and we don’t know where the hell she is.”
—Ellen DeGeneres

Best Bulker
Wonder how whales get so big? Turns out their milk is 50% fat. That’s 10 times the fat content of human milk. That’s why whale calves can grow up to 200 pounds per day. Now put that in your protein shake!




Face Fuzz
Those of you with chronic 5 o’clock shadows won’t be surprised to learn that beards are the fastest growing hairs on the human body. In an average lifetime, a man could grow a beard nearly 30 feet long.




So Sleepy
The human body can survive for far longer without food than it can without sleep. While it can take a few weeks to starve to death, sleep deprivation can kill you in as little as 10 days.