Whole Health

Despite investments in health care, good health remains elusive for many Americans. Healthcare systems generally focus on the treatment of ailments and disease vs the management of chronic illness. Enter Dr. Simoni Baid of Ahimsa MD and her Integrative Longevity approach.
Words // Sandy Lindsey | March 29, 2024 | People

When it comes to her patients, Dr. Simoni Baid wants to treat the whole person so they can live a more complete life and be the best version of themselves as they age. She does this by practicing Integrative Longevity, focusing on treating the underlying cause of disease and promoting long-term health and wellbeing vs traditional allopathy that merely medicates symptoms. “The current picture of aging in America could result in a typical person finding themselves suffering in a nursing home on a variety of different medications — sick, socially isolated and depressed,” she says. “Alternately, by focusing on a comprehensive protocol, Integrative Longevity aims to have you living your best life and enjoying everyday activities like exercising, eating spicy foods and keeping your mind sharp, even well past your 80s.” For Baid, it’s all about giving her patients a long and fulfilling life. “I focus on preventing age-related diseases and extending the lifespans of my patients through factors that are under their control instead of relying solely on pills and medications,” she says. “The ultimate goal is to use a combination of therapies and lifestyle changes to effectively support health, wellness and aging throughout one’s lifetime.”;