Why Not?

The wide-body design of the WallyWhy200 provides the advantages of a catamaran without the limitations, namely the lack of volume to the main central hull and mooring problems.

The WallyWhy200 masterfully breaks from the typical clichés of a motor yacht, starting with its vast owner’s suite in the bow, which seems to hang over the water below. Wally has expertly engineered a strip of tall glass running all the way round the main deck, providing the cabin with 270-degree panoramic views and astonishing natural light. At the same time, the high 4.7m bow is part of a hull form that has been designed to provide stability, eliminate slamming and still deliver semi-displacement performance. Combined with the Volvo IPS pod propulsion system, it can cruise at 20 knots and hit 23 knots flat out with an optional enhanced power package. An enormous upper deck is presided over by the yacht builder’s signature glass and carbon dome; while on the lower deck, there is a luxurious VIP suite and two lavish guest cabins. The breathtaking design continues with the beach club aft, extending with wings at the side, and a hydraulic bathing platform that doubles as a passerelle. A 4.15m tender and other toys are garaged invisibly behind the wings;