Wild Times

The term “art on your wrist” is quite apt in the case of this collection of unique timepieces. If you are a wildlife enthusiast who values arriving on time wearing a breathtaking watch, this is the timepiece for you.
Text by Bill Lindsey | January 31, 2019 | Lifestyle

To horologists, the term “complication” refers to the mechanical movement of a timepiece. However, in the case of the Les Cabinotiers Mécaniques Sauvages Collection from Swiss watchmaker Vacheron Constantin, the term reflects the agony one will experience in attempting to determine which to acquire. The collection will ultimately include 20 animal-themed watches, each with their own unique personality. In the example of the Snake model, the left side of the mesmerizing dial features an armillary tourbillon while the right side displays minutes and hours above a cutout affording a view into the inner mechanical workings. The 45mm pink gold housing is adorned with intricate engravings of a serpent. The Eagle model features 7 complications: a minute repeater, a tourbillon, a perpetual calendar (date, day of week, month, leap year) and a 55-hour power reserve indicator on a tasteful blue dial. The housing is engraved with an eagle, hence the name. Other models in this initial release include Lion, Tiger and Falcon, all masterpieces in their own right;