Will Meyer & Gray Davis

Will Meyer & Gray Davis like to take familiar things and reimagine them, a process that is always challenging yet exhilarating.
Words // Yoshi Sanz Photo // Chris Sturman | October 27, 2021 | People

“We consider each new project — such as Baccarat Residences Miami — an opportunity to bring a unique and powerful story to life,” they say. “We aim to design seamless physical experiences tailored to the client’s individuality, combining principles of great design with a clear vision for the experience they seek to create through bold design moves and striking details.” Because of the global nature of their work, they get a lot of inspiration from their travels. “Most of our inspiration, however, comes from our client’s unique passions, lifestyles and interests,” they say. “We enjoy taking creative journeys with our clients who are all tastemakers, collectors and have their own unique experiences and perspectives to share.” Adds Davis: “It’s incredibly rewarding to watch the final product come to life, and to see the memorable impression it makes on our clients.” The multi-disciplinary Meyer Davis design studio at the forefront of high-end commercial and residential design practices throughout the U.S and abroad. Their work spans over private residences, luxury resorts, boutique hotels, restaurants, retail experiences and workplace environments;