Wise Looks

The new wave of smartwatches combine slick style with some seriously cool hi-tech features, giving you even more instant access to top-tier futuristic functionality.
Text by Jacquelyn Benson | June 9, 2018 | Luxury

Forever Ready
Why take that phone out of your pocket when you can check out key info with a glance at your wrist? The Qualcomm Toq is a smartwatch that syncs with your Android phone, letting you send text messages, confirm appointments, pick up calls or read emails. The always-on screen is designed for easy reading even in direct sunlight, and some smart efficiencies means the battery life lasts up to 48 hours — truly impressive for a full-color touchscreen device;


Retro Style
You’ll really feel like you’ve gone back to the future when you don the Galaxy Gear. This smartwatch from Samsung comes in a range of bright retro hues, reminding us of some of our favorite accessories from 1986. But this funky timepiece offers some impressive functionality, from a built-in camera and pedometer to checking the weather. Shoot video, check email, or take advantage of a seriously cool range of fitness apps; $399,