Wise Words

The Digital Age has changed just about everything, including preaching. Now it’s more important than ever to be heard. In Talking God, Father Albert Cutié aims to elevate the art of the sermon.
Text by Sandy Lindsey | May 17, 2018 | People

Talking God: Preaching To Contemporary Congregations takes a strong and necessary stand about conveying the modern spiritual message. “Preachers are taught to preach, but they aren’t actually taught to speak,” says Cutié. “Today’s preacher must indeed become a juggler: able to balance the biblical message, grab the attention of an often-distracted congregation, maintain a focused and organized train of thought, seek new anecdotes and stories that reflect the realities being lived today, know when to use humor and when to be more solemn, and, finally, connect it all in a way that comes across clearly to those receiving the Word preached.” As a former newspaper advice columnist and successful radio and television talk show host, he’s also deeply immersed in the Christian tradition. The book’s discussion of effective preaching is backed by a survey regarding the influence of new media on preaching;