Work Jaunts

Does your gig mean a lot of time spent traveling? Make your life a bit more tolerable with these business-travel friendly tools sure to make you’re life easier.
Column by the team at The Law Office of Adorno-Cunill & Damas, PL | June 17, 2018 | Lifestyle

Paper Saver
Save yourself the hassle when it comes to filling out those mileage and travel reports with the Trackstick II. This vehicle tracking system automatically logs not only the number of miles driven, but also your speed and the duration and location of any stops you make along the way. Use it to keep a hyper-vigilant boss off your back or keep extra data for your own purposes. And it’s not just for the car — use the detachable belt clip to carry it with you when your work-related travel means using your own feet; $169, Trackstick II.

Sturdy Companion
Your conventional laptop will work fine if your time on the road means office-hopping, but if your business travels take you to rougher settings, you’ll rest much easier carrying the Panasonic Toughbook 19. This ultra-rugged laptop can withstand drops of up to 6 feet in its magnesium alloy case, and also holds up to humidity, changes in altitude, rain, dust, sand and some seriously uncomfortable temperatures. And of course, it also packs plenty of processing power, memory and all the usual bells and whistles;

Open Access
Tired of carrying your devices into corners in search of that elusive wireless signal? Why not just make your own? The Novatel MiFi 2 Liberate is a smart mobile hotspot that makes it possible to connect with blazing 4G speed wherever you’ve got AT&T service — which is pretty much anywhere. The built-in touchscreen makes setup a breeze, and with the capability of connecting up to 10 devices at a time, you’ll have no trouble getting whatever you need online. Plus, with 11 hours of battery life, you won’t need to worry about finding an outlet for a while; $50 with contract,

Home Alone
Planning on leasing a vacation property? Here are some tips to make sure you don’t end up with some unwelcome surprises. We’ve recently seen several cases where vacation travelers had rented a short-term home from a private owner only to find out that the person who leased the property was not the owner. This can present a difficult situation for the vacationer by both being displaced during their vacation and being out of the deposit that they gave to the person they believed was the true owner. We generally recommend the following suggestions: Always deal with a licensed real estate agent when possible, try to put all monies in an escrow account and ask for proof that the landlord is the true owner of the property. Travelers should be aware that some municipalities forbid the short-term rental of homes and other municipalities require that the homeowner obtain a permit to rent the vacation property. To prevent arriving at a vacation home that’s prohibited from being rented on a short-term basis, do a little research. A quick online search of each municipality generally can provide information relating to short-term vacation rentals. If you’re unsure of the legality of the rental or feel uncomfortable about the potential lease you are going to sign, contact a local attorney who focuses on that area of law.

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