Beauty & Wellness

Wrinkle Free

It happens to the best of us. We look at our aging reflection in an unfamiliar mirror at a friend’s house, in a hotel room or in a public restroom and the inevitable leaves you blushing — you have wrinkles, fine lines and you aren’t a spring chicken anymore. Blame the lighting. Blame your diet. Blame the sun. But whatever you do, don’t blame the mirror. It doesn’t lie. So this summer, get back the youthful glow you thought you had by investing in some laser skin resurfacing treatments using Dr. John J. Martin’s skillful blend of Co2 and Naturalase Erbium lasers at The Alhambra Cosmetic Laser Center in Coral Gables. For unbelievable before-and-afters, visit To schedule a free consultation, call 305.444.5950.

Oh, Honey!
Not just a simple home remedy for soar throats or the occasional sweet tooth anymore, honey is increasingly earning clout in the medical community thanks to the sticky treat’s antioxidant and cleansing properties. In fact, honey has been known to heal everything from pink eye to jock itch. It also treats several digestive ailments like ulcers, thanks to its thick coating properties. Some notable elders have even gone on record attributing eating a spoonful of honey a day as the secret to their longevity.

“Beauty is only skin deep, but ugly goes clean to the bone.”
— Dorothy Parker

Cream Dreams
Before bed, slather a face cream containing collagen, retinol, copper and/or Vitamin A on your face nightly. All have shown to reduce fine lines and wrinkles with quick and noticeable results.




Sun Safe
Always wear a 15 SPF+ sunscreen when outdoors. Not only will your skin have a pleasant glow, you’ll also spare yourself the catastrophic damage the sun can cause on your face.




A Vitamin A Day
It may not keep the doctor away, but a daily multi-vitamin will surely keep your skin in tip-top shape. Don’t expect instant results…just make sure swallowing a tablet a day becomes a lifelong habit.