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Every detail of the Montblanc Great Characters: Enzo Ferrari pens are designed to evoke the achievements and character of this pioneer of speed and automotive excellence.

Enzo Ferrari was an engineering maverick with an unrelenting passion and drive for innovation, which was matched only by his spirit for racing. A concept no better encapsulated than by the illustrious Scuderia Ferrari Grand Prix motor racing team. Inspired by the streamlined silhouette of the legendary Ferrari 125-S model, the Montblanc Enzo Ferrari Collection is gently contoured and sleek, following the undulating, organic lines of the automobile. The classic Montblanc emblem on the tip of each pen has been modified to mimic the aesthetic of a vintage car grill, while each nib is engraved with the silhouette of a Ferrari 250 GTO steering wheel. It wouldn’t be a tribute to Ferrari without the iconic dancing horse on the cap which was once a gift to Enzo, with the promise of bringing him luck in all of his endeavors. To this day, his dedication to craftsmanship and innovation defines the company, a dedication embraced by Montblanc’s atelier in creating these special-edition writing works of art;