You’ve Arrived

When you win at Powerball, you will travel to Tallahassee to claim your hundreds of millions, which requires a limousine. Perhaps a Lincoln Towncar or a pink, stretched Hummer last inhabited by drunken bridesmaids? No; that won’t do; you’ll need a Maybach.
Text by Bill Lindsey | June 29, 2018 | Luxury

The modern limousine is the descendant of the horse-drawn coach. While the genre has devolved quite a bit thanks to an overall lack of taste and style, there are options for those who appreciate the finer things in life. Rolls-Royce is the choice of NBA players and rappers, but discerning billionaires prefer to descend from their G6 into the rarified environment of a Maybach. The handcrafted luxury brand of Mercedes, Maybach exudes quiet, dignified elegance. The sleek exterior lines are complemented by decadent interiors that would make even the most discerning driver gasp in delight. The Maybach S650 Pullman (as in Pullman car, the epitome of luxury railroad travel back in the day) is 21 ft. of unadulterated luxury, powered by a massive 12-cylinder twin-turbo engine that achieves 65 mph in 6.5 seconds, a feat notably remarkable for a vehicle the size of a school bus. There’s no doubt you have arrived when you do so in a Maybach;