Fitness Finesse

Keeping that year-round beach bod and the perfect BMI in Miami is vital…but make sure you’re only hitting the gym to workout on the machines instead of working on everyone’s last nerve.

Home Sweat

A refreshing relief from the workaday world, a home gym should seamlessly combine the solitude of a santuary with these 5 accessories any home gym should never be without.

Bold Beauty

Discover the cultural impact of body image on society and how it has evolved throughout time, even morphing our idea of what is attractive and what truly defines beauty — inside and out.

Island Living

Frankly, when you live in a village this nice, it’s hard not to want to spread the love around. Which is precisely why we’ve spotlighted these three terrific pups who would make an excellent addition to any Key Biscayne abode.

Magic Tides

Most of my happiest memories have been on, in and around the water.


Love Those Tunes

Sylvia Bennett’s much-anticipated CD release for I Wish You Love included a Dinner & Show held inside Mariposa at Neiman Marcus Coral Gables.

All United

The All For Venezuela fashion show in Key Biscayne benefitted Friends Of The Children Of Venezuela, a Miami-based nonprofit in charge of vulnerable and hospitalized children in Venezuela.