Go With The Flow

Every generation asks the same question: When is it the right time to talk money with your kids. Word to the wise: If they can spend it, they can learn about it. The following websites lighten some of the burden.

Aqua Workout

Perhaps the ultimate bike for globetrotters, the Manta 5 provides a robust workout, electric power for when you’re tired and, best of all, it works equally well on backwaters and choppy ocean surf.

Beach Buds

It’s back-to-school season on The Key, and what better way to provide a holistically educational environment for the little ones than by adding a loving rescue to your home? Below are a few top picks from the most reputable of South Florida shelters and rescues.

Imagine That

For many of us, the first day of school each year was our chance to show off our personal style to the world.


Glitter Cosmo

Stay stylish, refreshed and just the right amount of buzzed as you peruse the season’s trends and up your wardrobe game one sip at a time.

It’s A Cool, Cool Season

Vivid prints, textures and colors will keep you fresh under the sunny South Florida skies all season long.