Instant Philanthropist

You don’t have to give $1 million or have your name on a building to leave a lasting impression on the world. All of us can be a philanthropist — the most challenging part is taking that first step.

Eco Explorations

The all-new 125-foot Emocean is a Camper & Nicholsons managed charter that represents the first eco-conscious and vegan-friendly explorer yacht from Rosetti Superyachts.

Bedside Barista

Move aside smart phones and self-parking cars, the Barisieur Coffee Alarm Clock wakes you with morning brew at your bedside. Now that’s scientific genius — with a kick!

Full Control

In an age when everything changes rapidly, the Nikon Z fc was introduced to allow us to pause for a moment and savor the joy of the creation process.

Let’s Chat

What’s the next best thing about being with your loved ones? LG believes it’s their all-in-one display perfect for all ages.

Plant Love

Take your green thumb to the next level with indoor gardening essentials from Miami-based Plant Proper — a company aimed at bringing the outside in.

Stitch Power

Gifting with intention is on everyone’s mind these days, and Obakki has been leading the way for over a decade. Their Bags by Judith will augment your look while enhancing lives.

Coastal Cuisine

Lightkeepers at The Ritz-Carlton Key Biscayne shines with new menu items, revamped Happy Hour specials and the return of its popular Sunday Brunch buffet.

Surf’s Up

Awake Electric Surfboards redefine mobility on the water. With speeds up to 30 knots/35 mph they provide raw power for a dynamic, invigorating ride.

Muscle Stimulation

Whether you’re trying to perform better, maximize training gains, prevent overuse injuries, address weak links, or simply feel great, the smart minds behind the Marc Pro Plus want to help.


Princess lives up to her regal name as this 9-year-old Terrier Mix is as sweet as can be.

Timeless score

Beautiful, brazen, ruthless, intelligent and endlessly ambitious, Nero’s mother plots, lies, and manipulates her way through the tangled and dangerous world of Roman politics in Florida Grand Opera’s Agrippina.

All Dressed Up

Swanky, over-the-top, out-of-this-world galas, events, fundraisers and special occasions have overtaken our social calendars seemingly overnight.

Animal Angels

There’s nothing more rewarding than seeing a rescue going to their furever home with a new family. Updates from adopters on how much joy the new pup brings to their life is the impetus to keep the cycle going year after year.

Inner Strength

Be Strong International will host its annual Spring Charity Event on Apr. 5 at The Rusty Pelican, where Miami’s philanthropists will converge to celebrate the tremendous impact their donations will have for vulnerable populations living in South Florida.

Chef’s Hat

It’s a trip down memory lane for VeritageMiami’s signature Interactive Dinner as some of Miami’s most loved and celebrated chefs from past festivals return for one glorious night.

Shelter Sweethearts

Most dog lovers walk into a shelter and want to bring every dog home with them as furever family members. Obviously that’s not possible, but there are many, many other ways you can help.


Meet Bailey, a sweet 4-month-old Bully Mix, who is a very smart biscuit!

New You

Once used separately, Microneedling with Radiofrequency gives double stimulation for enhanced collagen and elastin growth. The result is improvement in fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars and pore size for all skin types with minimal downtime.

Key Note

It seems like just yesterday that I drove all the way from Miami to Savannah and back to rescue a tiny little miracle runt that was born to a family of showdogs.

All Heart

The American Heart Association encourages a focus on health during American Heart Month by bringing attention to the leading killer in the United States: Heart Disease.

Passionate Performance

Rigoletto embodies grand opera. It’s one of the most beloved pieces in the canon. Florida Grand Opera’s delightful 2022 production features some of the most singable melodies and sumptuous costumes and sets of the season.

Shark Style!

Of all the creatures in the ocean, none are more impressive than a shark gliding stealthily through the water, master of all it surveys. Now you can be the shark!

Game On

No rec room or man cave is complete without an arcade cabinet, but original arcade cabinets have gotten rare and become extremely expensive. Arcade1Up is out to fill the gap.


The first thing Hunter would tell you is, “I’m a lover…not a fighter!”

Off-Road Kids

The newest Tesla isn’t for mom or dad — it’s for the youngest members of the family. No it’s not a self-driving car to take the kids to school, but the totally radical Cyberquad For Kids!

Nature Sights

Multidisciplinary design studio Cactus unveils 360 immersive projection mapping and purpose-built architecture for the world to see.

Key Note

Welcome to an issue filled with lots of love, light and laughter!

The Advocates

Moncy Blanco-Herrera, Daniel J. Rodriguez, Alexandra Ramon and the rest of the team at RRBH Law have not only helped clients win millions of dollars in claims, they’ve helped shape Florida case law with their thorough research and expert litigation.

Adrenaline Awe

Key Biscayne Car Week is back and better than ever for its second annual automotive festival. Join them February 4-6 as they exhibit vintage, modern and Formula 1 race cars on the Key Biscayne Village Green.

Go Big

The 8th Annual Miami/Coral Gables Art Festival features a series of unique experiences with over 200 fine art exhibitors mixed in.

Wake On Wheels

Heavy sleeper? Abuse your alarm clock’s snooze button because you never want to get up? Clocky says “Bwahaha, not anymore!”

Oriental Delight

Chinese myth has Mahjong existing since 500 BC, introduced by the sage politician, philosopher and poet Confucius. Hermès takes the game to a whole new level.


Raven is a fluffy and playful pup who is equally spunky and energetic.

Paradise Pizza

Hot and fast is how you cook truly great pizza. Ooni Pizza Ovens get hot as heck — 950°F — to cook incredible pizza in only 60 seconds!

Creative Stroll

Building from the impressive success of Beyond Van Gogh, the creators are ready for their next artistic venture, this time showcasing the works of Monet. 


In Attendance

From charity galas to business networkers and outdoor activities galore, Key Biscayners were out in full force in and around the island.

Best Friends

Friends of Miami Animals Foundation (FoMa) focuses on the root causes of pet homelessness — financial instability, spay & neuter, adoption and foster campaigns — all in the hopes of helping pets find families and get out of shelters.