Superlative Service

Omar Rodriguez, CEO of KB Pest Control does business the old-fashioned way. He believes that being warm, friendly and personal, and always honoring his word sets him apart from the rest. 

Puppy Love

There are many important reasons why dogs are known as man’s best friend. The minute you welcome a new pup into your life, you are changed for the better.

Critical Situation

Voices For Children’s life-changing programs include helping foster children negotiate the legal process via Guardian Ad Litem, providing for social, education and medical needs and granting college students financial and moral support.

Libation Creations

We are living in the era of craft beer. There are countless artisanal brews available around town and now you can make magnificent brews in your own kitchen.

Fast & Light

Who said electric bikes have to be heavy? E-bike leader Specialized built the Turbo Creao SL with a light and lively frame, then gave it nimble geometry that creates a confident stability at any speed. It’s pounds less than the competition.

Sunny Outlook

There’s an old saying that it’s the friends we meet along the way who help us appreciate the journey.

Get Up & Go

You may think of Spring when you hear March, but much of the country is still under snow. Not us. We’re celebrating our tropical weather by raising a glass and toasting to the epic culture and performances that make us uniquely Miami.

Key Biscayne Magazine’s 2020 Miami Open Guide

Dates: Mar 23-Apr 5, 2020 | Hard Rock Stadium |

Super Camp

Summer camp is an important part of kids’ lives, particularly with our screen-focused youth. The BVI offers extensive water activities as well as land adventures in a tropical paradise that will have kids setting their phones down...except when they use them take photos to record the lifelong memories they’re making.

Pets In Paradise

We teamed up with Born Free Pet Shelter to introduce you to a few Key Biscayners who have opened their homes and hearts to animals in need. The furry rescues they have added to their families have changed their lives forever — one cute quirk, one lovable lick, one adorable tail wag at a time.

Kitchen Collaborator

The Swiss Army Knife for home chefs, the Ninja Foodi, lets even the most basic home chef roast, bake, air-fry, grill and dehydrate all in one convenient cooker with ease.

Safety First

Volvo cars were the original “safe cars,” designed to provide a cocoon of survivability in the case of a serious crash. Style and innovation were not in the original DNA, but they are now.

Churro Mania!

They are fluted, fried, sugar-sprinkled sticks that will turn any frown upside down. Yes, we’re referring to churros, and we’ve rounded up some of the best in South Florida.

Reading Pleasure

South Florida’s Insight For The Blind has a global impact with its production of audio recordings of books and magazines for the Library of Congress Talking Books Program, as well as creating other accessible media.

Conversation Starter

Toss out the paper translation guide. Pocketalk breaks down the language barrier to allow direct communication with people you used to have to play charades with to be understood.

Hello, Gorgeous!

Our skin can change daily due to a wide variety of factors: sun exposure, environment and hydration levels, among many other things. The clever little Romy HyLab allows users to customize their daily skincare formula in just 1 minute.

View Finder

The Hasselblad name has been synonymous with creating exquisite, top-of-the-line cameras. With the X1D II 50C, they’ve made one that is their most affordable medium format camera to date.

Amazing One

The completion of One Park Grove this spring brings Coconut Grove fully into the 21st Century. This final tower in Park Grove’s multi-tower residential enclave, boasts magnificent waterfront homes, estate-quality condominiums and world-class penthouses.

Best Friends

Labs are loyal to their people and will take their cues from you. If you want to take a run around the neighborhood, they’re good to go, or they’ll provide great couch snuggles when you’re in the mood for a quiet evening at home.

Nature First

As Spring ushers in and the flowers begin to bloom and new growth starts to sprout up on the tree branches.

Season of Sizzle

From the Miami International Boat Show and Miami Yacht Show to the South Beach Wine & Food Festival, Coconut Grove Arts Festival and the highly anticipated Super Bowl LIV 2020, February in Miami offers up something for every taste — and the entire family!

Balanced Life

Pilates is for everyone and anyone…regardless of age, gender or physical limitations. At The Pilates & Wellness Center by Bernadette, students of every level develop proper alignment and posture as well as core strength and flexibility. Bernadette Ceravolo and her talented team strongly believe that Pilates has the power to change your mind, body and life.

Yacht Flaunt

One of the most influential and internationally attended boat shows on the planet, the world-famous Miami International Boat Show brings thousands of boats and yachts to its devoted sunblock-slathered fans from Feb. 13-17. From “giga”yachts to baby boat shoes, MIBS has it all.

Young Activists

What does it take to be a philanthropist? It’s more than just giving money to charity, it’s a fervent desire to improve the lives of others. Ozzy & Lola Powel have felt that need since the ages of five and three.

Vuitton Workout

Dumbells are supposed to have heft. But normally it’s their physical weight, not the pricetag that’s heavy. These diving pieces of workout equipment from Louis Vuitton are worth every penny.

Ride The Tides

Other than some eye-popping new colors and styling options, Yamaha is leaving much of its highly personal successful line-up alone for 2020, allowing them to focus on sport-improving accessories. The results are nothing short of awesome.

Dog House

Move over, nanny cams. Forget the Nest doorbell. Or Ring. Or Flock. The latest must-have home video monitoring device is the Furbo Dog Camera. Woof!

American Made

Why buy an American Bulldog puppy when you can save a life? This athletic, determined, loyal and highly devoted breed yields excellent lifelong friends.

Surreal Vision

Lori Ofir observes the world both objectively and emotionally to create vibrant compositions that place realistically painted objects in abstract and atmospheric environments, dancing along the line between real and imaginative.

Being Marilyn

Every woman is a goddess. The dramatically sleek Marilyn Monroe pen from Montblanc is a tribute to the ultimate femininity of the silver screen and each of us who writes with it.

Driven By The Heart

One-of-a-kind collectible automobiles are rarely seen except by their ultra-wealthy owners. Underprivileged kids are a far too common sight. Once each year, however, the two groups come together in an event that gladdens the heart and stirs the spirit.

Delicious Fundraiser

A fresh take on Sunday Brunch, VeritageMiami’s Farm To Fork Brunch with celebrity Chef Michael Schwartz is a celebration of farm-to-table sustainability, paired with exciting wines and a lively auction. It’s an exciting new twist for 2020.

Sail Away

Island-hop in grand style, opt for a luxurious weeklong charter or simply take one to get between islands the scenic way. Private charters are a delightful way to explore the wonders and attractions of the British Virgin Islands.

Adventure Awaits

As much as my wife and I enjoy traveling, there’s always one month each year when we decide to stay put.

New Decade

As we usher in a very prosperous 2020, make sure your social calendar stays more dynamic than ever with the latest happenings and exclusive experiences around town.

Exercise Companions

Is one of your new year’s resolutions to get healthier? Dogs are great workout buddies. Not only do they help us get more exercise, dog owners are also more likely to stick to fitness plans than those who walk with other humans or alone.

Lift Off

Montegrappa’s Moon Landing Limited Edition has been engineered and realized with an astonishing likeness to the modular craft that powered the Apollo missions.

Heart Strong

Renowned heart surgeon Romualdo Segurola, MD, FACS and Jackson Health System have formed Jackson Heart Institute. With this addition, we have Miami’s most comprehensive heart program, able to provide anything from minimally invasive cardiac surgery to highly specialized cardiac procedures to life-saving heart transplants for adult and pediatric patients.

Eco Gorgeous

Being environmentally conscious means different things to different people. To these top beauty firms, it means that recycling alone might be a good first step and they’re doing something about it.

Ready, Jetset…

When I earned my milestone 50th passport stamp this passed Thanksgiving with a soul-soothing trip to the BVI with my beautiful globetrotting wife


Midas Touch

24K magic indeed! These modern fine jewelry pieces from Sabbia at Key Biscayne are sure to make you feel a gold rush that would make king Midas jealous and give him a run for his money!

Island Lifestyle

Take a tour of an expansive oceanfront condo at Mar Azul in Key Biscayne that features all of the comforts of home just steps from the beach in the heart of paradise.