Positive Vibe

Artist Ed King’s paintings embody the artist’s love for nature in a joyfully unconventional way. “If you take a close look at my artwork, you’ll notice most of it is outdoors,” he points out.

It’s an understandable fixation, given that King made his way in the art world after a narrow escape from office life, where he worked in ad agencies as a graphic designer. Once the job started to get in the way of his potential as a professional artist, he made the leap to painting full-time. “I must say that I’m so very thankful for my years in the ad agency world,” King admits. “I couldn’t imagine paying for all of the hours I put into the marketing side of this job!” So what’s next for this ever-evolving creative mind? Well, on Apr. 21, he’ll unveil a few new pieces at Aperture Studios in Miami before attending festivals around the U.S. in Baton Rouge, Hilton Head and Cleveland. “The summer of 2012 will be full of travel and adventure,” he says. “I’m so excited!” To view his collection, visit