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Apricot Magic

Considered the latest super-food, apricots will keep you healthy and looking great with just one serving a day. Loaded with beta-carotene which is turned into Vitamin A in the body to help ward off disease, this tasty treat has a mere 17 calories. When shopping for these fruits, make sure to select plump and juicy ones with a tempting aroma. Avoid cracks in the skin or skin that shows white spots. Once the central stone is removed, the fruit can be frozen in slices or puréed and can be eaten fresh, cooked, canned, candied or stewed. Whichever way you prefer to consume them, just make sure you get them in your system regularly.

Paradise Body
Are you tired of not being at your fittest? Does time seem to be against you in the proverbial battle of the bulge? Wake up! No, really, wake up and look outside your window. You’re surrounded by water and prime beachfront and if you’ve gotten used to it, go out and rediscover what you’ve been miising. Whether at sunrise or sunset, take 30 minutes out of your day to jog or walk briskly along the shore — your body won’t be able to resist. With every stride, remember that you’re fortunate to have nature’s serenity in your own backyard — and that alone should be motivation enough to get out there and enjoy it!

Fat Transfer
As we age, the appearance of our face becomes more lax as we lose collagen and elastic tissue. Even more evident in many people is the loss of facial fat that also occurs, leading to hollow cheeks, temples, lower lids and an increased number of wrinkles. If you think of your face as a balloon, when we are young, the balloon is fully inflated. With time, the balloon begins to deflate, becoming soft and wrinkled. A variety of fillers have become popular over the last few years to try to plump up the skin and replace the lost volume. An even better way to accomplish this is to put your own fat into your face. A manual liposuction is performed in the abdomen, hips or thigh, using a very gentle technique so as not to damage the fat cells. These extracted fat cells are then processed and injected into the face with a micro-canula. Excess fat is saved in the freezer, so that additional fat can be added to the face later as needed. The advantages to using your own fat are that it gives a very natural fill, and you aren’t putting any foreign materials into your face. It can be done with just local anesthesia with minimal discomfort. And in most people, the fat should last for years.

› Dr. John Martin is a board certified Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon who has been in practice in Coral Gables for 17 years. He is a graduate of Williams College and Harvard Medical School. Currently, Dr. Martin performs facial and ophthalmic plastic surgery at his office in Coral Gables. In addition to surgical procedures, he has several lasers and performs many minimally invasive procedures with little or no downtime for the patient. To start your journey toward perfection, visit or call Dr. Martin at 305.444.5950.

“This is one of the last times this year you’re gonna see the abs.”
— Usher

10 seconds
The amount of time fitness experts say you should spend on a single bicep curl for the best results.




Gym Sloth
Name given to a person who starts daydreaming between sets on a weight machine while others are waiting.




Head Pusher
A person who completes a sit-up by forcing their head toward their knees with their arms during the final motion.