Babes In Bikinis

Granted, it’s September — but any proud Miamian knows (and all those who travel here do as well) that the bikini is a must-have garment and part of the year-round ensemble at the tip of The Sunshine State.
TEXT BY FRANCESCA CRUZ | May 24, 2018 | Fashion

Are you more the burst-of-lemon-yellow kind of gal? Do bright colors, symbolic of the second and third chakra call to you most when selecting your swimwear? These gals tend to be more happy-go-lucky and playful. Or is the classic “look at me papi” scarlet red more behooving of your fancy? This gal knows first impressions are everything, and everlasting. Wearing solid black, white or red is for the no-nonsense classic woman. Designer Keva Johnson, whose designs have hugged the infamous curves of Kim Kardashian, Ashanti and Iggy Azalea, has garnered a following for her Keva J Swimwear, partly because of her signature cut-outs & eclectic twists, but mostly because she designs for the curvy beauty in mind — the kind you find in Miami, and that other states covet;