Issue - September/October 2015

Body Shop

Architecture, color & detail integrate for extreme and graphic silhouettes.

Foreign Flair

From Iceland to Singapore, meet a few international fashion designers who are letting their heritage and culture shine in stylish creations from around the globe. Take this foreign flair affair to the next level by adding a few of these labels to your collection this season and beyond.


Like a culinary Captain Planet that harnesses energy from the elements, Vietnamese cuisine uses the power of sweet, sour, bitter, salty and heat for the purposes of good. Balancing flavors becomes an even greater challenge when certain ingredients are also attributed cold (yin) and hot (yang) properties.

Earthy Delights

Harvest the season’s bold and luxurious treasures from nature & earth.

Awaken Your Inner Wardrobe Warrior

Every season comes with a tricky trend that’s not suitable for all shapes and sizes, and that’s a-okay. Knowing when to pass on a trend will keep you looking your best without sacrificing confidence. Here are a few tips on looking fresh, even if it’s not in this season’s silhouette. 

The New Future Of Fashion

To some, fashion trends may seem frivolous, but what’s popular in fashion is a visual barometer of much bigger trends in society. Here’s what’s next, what’s hot and what you can expect to see in a wardrobe near you.

Inner Spark

A lifelong lover of the arts and gastronomy, Michèle Fontanière lends her voice and serves victims of crimes through her philanthropic efforts both in the U.S. and around the world.

Thai Me Up!

If you’re a slave to Thai fare, these restaurants have contrasting yet addictive approaches to Siamese culinary zeitgeist — and once you’ve tried them, neither of them will release their hold on you.

Tech Trips

The new Lincoln MKX introduces drivers to features that fuse form and function while using new technologies to elevate the driving experience, whether across town or cross-country.

Dripping In Luxe

When it comes to purchasing diamonds, the round cut is often the most popular. It captures more brilliance than any other shape, yet all of the other shapes have their own unique look to them.


These ideas are sure to set your mind at ease and let your imagination soar like never before. Just make sure to keep focused once you return to reality from your inner nirvana.

Tap Travel

For wine tourists, the Bordeaux Region of France and NorCal’s Napa Valley have long been designated as Meccas of Merlot. For those seeking to devote themselves monogamously to beer, their list of holy sites may seem less obvious. However, with 70+ locations to drink directly from the source, San Diego could be the craft movement’s capital city and these are a few of its more colorful representatives.

Savvy Homebuyer

Before you start hitting open houses and picking out furniture, ask yourself a key question: How much house can I afford? When my wife and I moved to Davie from St. Petersburg, we began looking at a few houses where we knew we could afford the mortgage, but as soon as we started adding homeowners insurance and taxes, the bill became less manageable.


When two hydrogen atoms join forces with one oxygen atom, the most powerful substance in the world comes to life: water. The colorless, odorless, tasteless liquid constitutes 71% of the planet and is the basis of all living organisms — check out these cool gadgets that get all their power from water.

Showbiz Delight

Ever wish you could be transported back into a bygone era of glitz and glamour? Now you can at El Tucán, a new modern-day cabaret that reinvigorates the lavish “dinner & a show” concept of Havana.

Chemist Of Craft

Mixologist Carlos Cruz lets creativity, cocktails and chemistry collide in his garden-inspired libation creations at Seaspice.

Crushing On Curaçao

Perched just above South America — Venezuela to be exact — you’ll find the 3rd-largest of the Dutch colonized Caribbean islands, Curaçao, a tropical place as unique in its landscape as it is in its culture.

Scarlet Fever

There’s nothing more alluring than a red pout — so all that is left to decide on is what color of crimson calls to you — and who you’ll let steal a kiss.

Charming Chair

The Liv Collection by El Dorado Furniture is about “style on the edge” — and this motto is supremely summed up in the Debora 24” Accent Chair. At first glance at this world-class contemporary piece, one notices its minimalist good looks.

Babes In Bikinis

Granted, it’s September — but any proud Miamian knows (and all those who travel here do as well) that the bikini is a must-have garment and part of the year-round ensemble at the tip of The Sunshine State.

Live & Play

Family friendliness is the latest “ultimate amenity” at Miami’s new luxury residential developments. In addition to larger condos to accommodate families, developers are creating dedicated children’s playrooms and programming.

1,001-HP Winder

Fine cars and great watches demand constant maintenance, which translates to continual winding in the case of many timepieces. The Big Block Winder is the ultimate way to keep your watches ticking.

Changing Skyline

Carlos Rosso comes from a family of architects and has always loved design. Today, as President of the Condominium Division of The Related Group, he’s responsible for overseeing all of the nearly 5,000 condominium units the firm has on its boards.

Smart Jeans

Clothes most definitely make the man (or woman). Google wants to not only put wearers on the cutting-edge of fashion, but on the cusp of self-aware technology as well.

All Dressed Up

I love to hear stories of how people used to dress to the nines back in the day for special occasions — or for any occasion, really. Back then, picking out a nice outfit for a dinner reservation, a flight, a first date and even a day at the salon yielded some pretty spectacular fashion moments.

The 411

Spotlighting news, launches, announcements, happenings, products & places in and around South Florida.


Ease your mind and energize your day with these quick adjustments that will add satisfaction and peace to your life and make you wonder why you’ve been stressing for so long.

Adventure In The Tropics

Experience new kinds of adventures in Panama, a destination fit for cosmo-tropico-Latinos — it’s a dash of Miami & Monte Carlo in the rainforest with a hint of rugged exploration and lots of luxe.

The Treasure Inside

We are all on a quest. The hardest part is taking the first step...but once we’ve braved that, the treasures that await reconnect us to our inner wealth — once you find your heart, you’ll find your way.


This luxurious condo in The Ocean Club in Key Biscayne is a hi-rise living dream, complete with breathtaking ocean views and plenty of space to live, play and sprawl out and relax in paradise.

Baby, I Got Groove

From sunrise to sunset, these enthralling retro looks will inject a dose of energy to your confidence and character.

Cultural Eats

El Cielo, a new modern Colombian and Latin American restaurant in Brickell, welcomed guests to sample the ambiance and menu during a special Golden Carpet event.

Winner’s Circle

The Miami Rowing Club held an event to celebratge the women’s division ranking as No. 3 in the nation.

Drink Essentials

Winn Dixie held the much-anticipated grand opening of their new liquor store in Key Biscayne. Residents came out in droves throughout the day and night to check out the options and stock up for their home bars and upcoming social soirees.

Innovative Speak

United Way of Miami-Dade Young Leaders hosted “Conversations With Leaders In Art: It Doesn’t Stop @ Basel” at Bakehouse Art Complex to bring together the Miami art community with a diverse panel of innovative art professionals.


Island Hop

A glimpse into Key Biscayne’s dynamic social scene

Island Moves

From strength Training to endurance exercises and flexibility, meet a few key biscayners balancing their mind, body and soul to yield a life well-lived in paradise.