Button Up

A 3rd-Generation clothier, Sebastien Scemla spent years crafting the perfect men’s shirt. The result? The Sebastien James Collection — handmade in Barcelona and based in The Design District.
Text by Carla Torres | June 2, 2018 | People

Sebastien Scemla traveled the world for decades searching for the finest materials while forging relationships with tailors to create a garment that fits like a glove…or in this case, a shirt. More than a top, every garment is an original design that, like Sebastien, is best described as classic with a modern edge. Sleeve patterns align perfectly at the seam, striking detailing can be found under the collar and vibrant prints draw the eye — these are the elements of a Sebastien James shirt. An American brand with international roots, the Sebastien James Collection is the most practical and sophisticated way to cover your back;