Issue –September/October 2014

Oh Happy Days!

Heavily crystal-embellished accessories and dresses, jewelry and colorful jackets and sweatshirts define an exhilarating mood of happiness.

Artistic Necessities

Sad, happy, up, down — it doesn’t matter. Art will always be the BFF that helps usher you in to a totally new mindset. Because, let’s face it: Life’s a rollercoaster, and art is the perfect inspiration.

Shopping Oddysey

Go ahead, give in to the total temptation and sheer excitement to shop what’s hot, what’s new and what’s luxe.

Romance was Born

From the late ‘60s to early ‘70s, the Fall/Winter 2014 season is connoted by a nostalgic retrospective that features the most iconic looks inspired by both decades. As references, the artistic freedom and stylish aesthetic from Jane Birkin, Françoise Hardy & David Bowie reads through the garb of these casual looks.

Wonderful Wardrobes

Wardrobe storage should be as beautiful as the stylish clothing and accessories it contains. The following dressers and closets turn the practical matters of organization and storage into creations of skill and imagination.


This one-of a kind contemporary bayfront residence offers unparalleled private water views, uncompromising craftsmanship and a stunning Mashta Island location.


Ever wonder what makes or breaks a fashion trend? Locally? Regionally? Nationally? On a global scale? We’ve scoured the world to talk to some of the industries top insiders and discovered a few style must-haves you must consider no matter where you reside — or where your travels take you.

Samurai Showdown

Margie Castro is good with a blade, but even better with a bar spoon, and she’s willing to show you what it takes to be a cut above the rest.

Art Of Learning

For Lainie Hansen, necessity has been the mother of invention, but she’s turned that challenge into a life-changing experience for others.

Strap Up

Unisex watch brand Larsson & Jennings turns their minimalist signature classic case and dial into a collection of different watch options through interchangeable woven and leather straps.

Button Up

A 3rd-Generation clothier, Sebastien Scemla spent years crafting the perfect men’s shirt. The result? The Sebastien James Collection — handmade in Barcelona and based in The Design District.

The Greenie’s Tote

Want to look good while saving the planet? Now you can. Trendy reusable bags are super-hot this season…and if you pick the right mix, you might just be able to match whatever outfit you decide to sport.

EMpire building

“Family businesses account for a staggering 50% of the GDP in the U.S., yet only 30% of family businesses will survive into the 2nd Generation and as little as 12% are still viable into the 3rd Generation,” reports the U.S. Small Business Association.


Coconut oil has been getting a lot of attention lately. Mostly because it’s become the ‘go-to’ beauty product for celebrities. So although we all know that coconut oil is great for digestion and weight loss, here are 10 other unusual things you can do with it.

LIFE promise

A wellness company with offices in Miami and Denver, VowTo inspires women to lead balanced and conscious lives through gifts, weekly lessons and these 4 tips — because you only live once. Want more tips? Visit

Wet Ride

Want a boat to explore Biscayne Bay and the surrounding waters or an open-top Jeep to cruise A1A? How about both? Yeah, it’s possible.


Like Neo-Dadaist Ushio Shinohara knocks out canvases with ink-soaked boxing gloves, Erin Barylski creates larger-than-life artwork using only her body.

Calm Living

Want to improve your health and maintain a well-balanced lifestyle? Put yourself in the right places and surround yourself with like-minded people to change your mindset about fitness.

Supper Sounds

Thea’s Supper Club caters to the Health District’s lunch crowd of medical and research professionals; but twice a month the lights go down, candles light up and the air crackles with energy.

Wellness Apps

Today’s phone apps help us oversee our finances, our home and work projects, and they even tell us when it’s time to take the mini-van in for scheduled service. Why not have them also assist with your personal well-being? Here are a few options.

City Life

The Miami waterfront is amongst the hottest real estate on the planet — and it’s getting better.

Brunch Barons

A royal decree should revise the old saying to: “Breakfast is the most important meal of the weekday”. Brunch is the feast of the ruling class and these restaurants are capable of building an empire on their interpretations.

Terrific Textiles

There’s a very good reason for the growing trend of bringing outdoor fabrics inside, especially when they are as glamorous as these.

Fauxy Fashion

Ah, the fashion faux pas. We all have that friend, neighbor, relative or colleague who just can’t seem to get their wardrobe in order.

The 411

Spotlighting news, launches, announcements, happenings, products & places in and around South Florida.

Gintoxicated Vibes

Misunderstood, underappreciated yet completely necessary, gin should be appreciated for what it truly is (and poured correctly), no matter what’s on the menu for your day or night out.

Righteous Rides

If you ask 5 people to define what a luxury vehicle is, you’d get 5 widely different answers reflecting their personality, lifestyle, driving style and the manner in which the vehicle is used. Accordingly, we developed this eclectic mix of the world’s finest vehicles for this foray into the best new luxury vehicles for South Florida.

Back In Time

In the countryside of Ireland, step back to another era complete with a gracious manor, leisurely pursuit and a Michelin Star chef ready to whip up an authentic Irish meal that will keep you coming back for more all year round.

Making A Difference

Cancer Link volunteers gathered at Spaghettino in Brickell to celebrate recent achievements and discuss upcoming goals.

Creative Visions

Pork Belly Times held an art exhibition entitled Art With A VIew on a stunning waterfront luxury home in Key Biscayne. The installation featured a unique collaboration of luxury Miami real estate and Miami artists, with a portion of the proceeds from art sales benefiting Key Biscayne Community Foundation.

Helping Hands

The 10th Annual Raise The Bar event gathered over 350 guests who raised over $45,000 for The Women’s Fund to benefit survivors of domestic violence & sex trafficking.


In Attendance

From charity galas to business networkers and outdoor activities galore, Key Biscayners were out in full force in and around the island.

Best Friends

Friends of Miami Animals Foundation (FoMa) focuses on the root causes of pet homelessness — financial instability, spay & neuter, adoption and foster campaigns — all in the hopes of helping pets find families and get out of shelters.