Creative Lifeblood

The arts rescue us in dark days. Music, dance, theater, visual — they provide hope, joy, inspiration, comfort and healing. And that’s something we all need right now.
Words by Zelda Grant | February 27, 2021 | Lifestyle

In the coming months, the Miami City Ballet will be sharing their re-imagined season of dance while celebrating their 35th Anniversary. It’s a love letter to the community. Through a combination of special and unique performances around South Florida, online premieres of MCB’s most memorable acts and new works made for the digital screen, they are committed to continuing to bring joy and inspiration through dance. What can we do? Aid the Dancer Support Fund, which will continue to employ and provide health insurance and benefits to the spectacular dancers, rehearsal musicians, talented creatives, wardrobe shop employees and many others involved. The $4 million goal will keep dancers on their toes until we can all be safely together again in the theaters;