Issue – March 2021

Season of Fun

March seems like a quiet month but it includes such famous observances as National Peanut Butter Day on the 1st, Dr. Seuss’s Birthday on the 2nd, World Wildlife Day on the 3rd and International Women’s Day on the 8th.

Out & About

With social distance protocols still in place as more and more residents get vaccinated, the trend of becoming increasingly one with nature continued to dominate social media feeds and IRL experiences around town, documenting memorable experiences every step of the way.

Endless Blooms

In 1513, Juan Ponce de Leon spotted and landed on a mystery peninsula and named it Florida, from the Spanish word “florido,” which translates to “full of flowers” or “flowery.”

Extraordinary lifestyle

Mirabelle in Latin means wonderful. That makes it the perfect new name for the already highly-esteemed Allegro Dadeland as it moves into an even higher level of luxury senior living. Award-winning The Arbor Company takes over management to provide their signature lifestyle to seniors, no matter what their living needs.

Island Lifestyle

Take a tour of an expansive oceanfront condo at Mar Azul in Key Biscayne that features all of the comforts of home just steps from the beach in the heart of paradise.

Midas Touch

24K magic indeed! These modern fine jewelry pieces from Sabbia at Key Biscayne are sure to make you feel a gold rush that would make king Midas jealous and give him a run for his money!

Island Insights

They’ve pivoted. They’ve been nimble. They’ve been quick. And most importantly, they’ve gotten creative. We check in with a few Key Biscayne businesses to see how they’re doing.

Great Apes

Pat Kelly wanted to be Jane Goodall when she grew up. Today, she’s on the Board of Directors of the Center For Great Apes, providing care with dignity in a safe, healthy, and enriching environment for all sanctuary residents.

Stage Life

Designed to create new paths to arts careers and promote greater diversity in the industry, the Arsht Center’s Technical Theater Apprenticeship Program continues to safely provide hands-on experiences and learning opportunities in technical theater.

The Protectors

Moncy Blanco-Herrera and the talented attorneys at RRBH Law are the voice of ordinary citizens who seek justice from powerful interests for their loss, pain and suffering.

Creative Lifeblood

The arts rescue us in dark days. Music, dance, theater, visual — they provide hope, joy, inspiration, comfort and healing. And that’s something we all need right now.

Tides of Luxury

Most Downeast-style yachts in the 50’-70’ range exude superior luxury and eye-catching aesthetics, but compromise on speed. Palm Beach Yachts delivers both, as proven in their newly-launched GT60, a vessel that performs as good as it looks.

Urban Attitude

Body For Sure understands the young empowered fashionista who prioritizes quality without giving up on style. Get ready to go to the gym and then out for happy hour in their gorgeous and comfortable athleisure chic essentials.

Renaissance Time

In addition to precious metals and rare jewels, Renaissance artisans also made use of naturally beautiful items such as ostrich and peacock feathers. Bulgari has reintroduced the technique in a stunning limited edition.

Ideas Unlimited

Architects, lawyers, accountants, customer service reps and professionals from many other fields can work from home. But until recnetly, the Research, Development & Manufacturing departments have had to go into the office. No longer.

Mobile Office

If you think “Beetle” when you hear “VW,” we present a bigger “bug.” Those seeking a practical, roomy and good-looking SUV need to add VW’s restyled Atlas R to the list.

Personality Pup

Like Johnny, every dog has a story. Whether they’re surrendered because their families can no longer care for them or they came from a shelter or the street with no history attached. Young or old, healthy or sick, they need our help.

Prefab Shelter

Meet Jupe. Your temporary guest house, romantic getaway at home and ultimate backyard “campout” for affluent kids. These sustainable short-term, off-grid retreats are all this and more.

Wardrobe Wonder

Continuing a long-standing tradition to benefit the Everglades Literacy Program, J.McLaughlin has partnered with The Everglades Foundation for a Capsule Collection inspired by the River of Grass and many of the causes at the core of its mission.

Let’s Talk

Community starts with communication. In this issue, we continue our conversation with local businesses and residents, how they’ve evolved and what their plans are on the horizon.

The Great Indoors

An unparalleled lifestyle awaits at Oceana Key Biscayne. The world-class beachfront development is a reflection of all those who call it home.


Island Hop

A glimpse into Key Biscayne’s dynamic social scene

Home Is Where Mom is

From the moment her baby arrives in the world, a mother’s instincts awaken, guiding her through the joys and challenges of motherhood — offering comfort in times of distress and encouragement in moments of triumph.