Designer Dogs

Celine’s new posh-pooch-perfect pieces will improve your social life as your haute hound insists you take them everywhere to show off new their collars, carriers, and more.
Words // Zelda Grant | January 31, 2024 | Luxury

Pet parents looking to be a trendsetter at the dog park need to check out the delicious new doggie collection from Celine, boasting an array of chic pieces, including matching canvas, suede, or smooth calfskin leather collars, available in 3 sizes. The hand leashes, available in black or brown, are adorned with Triomphe details and finishes. For pet owners on the move, the fashion house introduces 4 types of dog carriers wrapped in the iconic Triomphe motif in canvas and/or calfskin. An eye-catching leopard print iteration adds a bold touch. The Dog Cabas allows furry friends to peek out and explore, while the Travel Dog Bag and Travel 50 offer protection for those who prefer to keep their heads inside. To complete the ensemble, coordinate the carrier with a dog bag holder available in suede, sequins, Triomphe canvas, or smooth calfskin. There’s also stylish additions for the home, such as single or double dog bowl holders in Nappa lambskin with either Triomphe canvas or leopard finishes. A wooden dog brush, crafted for grooming, adds a touch of sophistication to pet care routines;