Issue – February 2024

Island Hop

A glimpse into Key Biscayne’s dynamic social scene

Heartfelt Sentiments

Mo’s Bundt Cakes isn’t just a business — it’s a journey fueled by the cheers and encouragement of those who believed in the magic of bundt cakes and the dreamer behind them.

Global Appeal

At the helm of Genesis Yachts and Genesis Interiors, Key Biscayners Roberto Lottini & Sandra Savini love exploring the world’s great destinations and vast oceans. But all of their adventures and career successes cannot compare to the exhilarating love they have for one another.

Modern Marvel

The epitome of island living at its finest with plenty of space for family fun and entertaining, this recently remodeled 4 bed/3 bath townhouse at 668 Fernwood Road #2 in Key Biscayne is the perfect place to call home.

The Defenders

Personal injury and insurance litigation specialists RRBH Law are the voice of ordinary citizens who seek justice from powerful interests for their loss, pain and suffering.

Gilded Blooms

Our take on Valentine’s Day is an invitation to the most important relationship we have — ourselves. A journey that celebrates the transformative power of self-love, flourishing like a flower, with flowing dresses from local designers symbolizing personal evolution, mirroring the unfolding layers of the gold inside each of us. This visual poem invites viewers to embrace the strength, resilience and elegance within.

Pure Love

Some of Key Biscayne’s most dynamic Power Couples share their secrets to a successful life filled with fun, adventure and lots of love.

Designer Dogs

Celine’s new posh-pooch-perfect pieces will improve your social life as your haute hound insists you take them everywhere to show off new their collars, carriers, and more.

Hello, Paradise!

Nestled on 17 lush, tropical acres just outside of the city is an oasis of abundance and renewal. Paradise Farms is currently the only Certified Regenerative Organic Farm in Miami-Dade County.

Great Outdoors

Practical with a rugged aesthetic, Pnuma Outdoor’s goal is to make sure that wearers are protected from the elements no matter what the outdoor adventure — even if it’s simply sitting on the dock enjoying a cold brew.

Flight Time

First introduced in 2007, IWC’s Pilot’s Watch Chronograph 41 TOP GUN is an excellent example of the practicality and style provided by this timepiece category — even if you never leave the ground.

Instant Adventure

Is it a car or a motorcycle? It’s both! and a lot more. The Polaris Slingshot is the perfect source for a shot of adrenalin every time you fire up the engine.

Innovative Living

California Closets Miami’s new, soon to open showroom is where dreams become reality. All set in a warm and welcoming space that immerses one in their large selection of design solutions, styles, finishes and accessories for every room in the home.

Heartfelt Melodies

The Miami Beach Classical Music Festival is South Florida’s first immersive symphony/opera experience and theater company to implement 360-degree projection mapping technology in a live performance.


A good-natured 2-year-old American Bulldog Mix, Skippy was abandoned at a dog park with a note saying: “No longer can care for.”

Hi, Barbie!

Bring romance back to writing with Montegrappa’s Barbie & Ken haute writing instruments. Available individually or as a perfect pair with matching serial numbers.

Moon Glow

Founded in Germany in 2001, MeisterSinger is a new entry to the world of watchmaking. Inspired by Middle Age clocks, their breathtaking Lunascope is already deemed a must-have by collectors.

Chill Grillin’

Eliminate the frustration of traditional fires with their excessive smoke with a Breeo X Fire Pit, perfect for a finger-licking get-together to remember

American Legend

John F. Kennedy made Saratoga sunglasses world-famous when he was photographed on the foredeck of his sailing yacht Manitou. A recent reissue means we can all indulge in a litte presidential panache.

Go Topless

The AMG SL maximizes the South Florida lifestyle by allowing you to bask in the sun and ocean breezes as you commute in style to the office, get groceries, or pick up the kids from soccer practice.

Breathtaking Style

Seen from any angle, the strikingly handsome Invictus TT420 demands attention wherever it goes, no matter what the destination.

Facial Recognition

The face is at the heart of Carolus’ paintings. Through rugged and deliberate gestures, she demonstrates its hidden truth, with oscillations in which the painter’s own nature may also be discerned.

Operatic Impact

The Florida Grand Opera’s 82nd Anniversary Gala is not just an event to remember, it promises to be an unforgettable immersive experience of elegance and artistry for the ages.

Dolce Vita

Ugo Colombo and the talented development team behind Vita at Grove Isle understand that with boating being a daily ritual in Miami, the ease of having a boat just steps from home, like a car, is invaluable.

Live, love, Laugh

True love is a harmonious symphony of laughter, dreams, and the intricate dance of daily life.


Island Hop

A glimpse into Key Biscayne’s dynamic social scene

Home Is Where Mom is

From the moment her baby arrives in the world, a mother’s instincts awaken, guiding her through the joys and challenges of motherhood — offering comfort in times of distress and encouragement in moments of triumph.