Electro Fun

The Narke GT95 ElectroJet is the first of new generation of vessels with goal to help preserve nature — and a sense of adventure — for generations to come.
Words by Zelda Grant | August 27, 2021 | Luxury

Revolutionary technology, exclusive design and sustainability, the Narke GT95 ElectroJet is as radical on the inside as out. This is not an adapted version of a gasoline jet ski, but rather a whole new genre in the nautical world. Developed from scratch, with a number of patented technologies and 5 years of development and tests, GT95 is 100% fun with zero emissions. With a hull made of carbon fiber, Narke is lightweight and highly resistant. It has capacity for three passengers and integrates a smart screen with navigation and weather functions that connects to your phone via Bluetooth. With its 71kW of power, Narke has a maximum speed of 75km/h or 40 knots (electronically limited) and offers a range of 2h. Keep in mind that the faster you go, like with all electric powered vehicles, the sooner the battery fizzles. Happily, with the quick charge option, you’ll be recharged to 80% in less than 2 hours so you’re back on the water in a jiff;