Issue – September/October 2021

Season Of Chance

With Autumn on the horizon, we may not have fallen leaves to look forward to but we do have the sun shining down on us and a newfound hope for what the rest of the year will bring our way.

Fall For It

Reconnect with your favorite Miami experiences and discover new ones with a wide variety of autumn adventures: theater, ballet, museums, art, a film festival, beerfest, an exotic plant show and doggie dates.

State of Wine

You don’t have to purchase a plane ticket to the West Coast to enjoy a viticulture experience — jump in your car and set out on a road trip to discover top-rated local Florida vineyards.

Design Influence

As General Manager for leading Italian contemporary design firm Poliform Miami, Luca Innocentini changes lives one sophisticated, high-end dream interior at a time.

Brand Steward

With almost 20 years of experience in global marketing, strategic brand-building, innovative creative direction and disruptive, needle-moving partnerships and programming for some of the world’s leading brands, Christa Dabkowski is uniquely positioned to lead both consumer-facing brands and client-driven creative agency operations.

Power Style

Haute Fall style is taken to the next level with stunning looks from Brickell City Centre

Who, What, WEAR, When

After spending so many months at home in our leggings, sweatpants and basic tees, this season is about total everything! We want it all: Stunning scarves, wow dresses, show-stopping shoes, distinctive men’s formalwear — even our leisurewear is being taken to the next level. It’s a bold statement on the resilience of human nature as interpreted in haute style.

Skyscraping Oasis

While Panorama Tower’s prime location in the heart of Brickell is a huge lifestyle draw, a lot can be said for just staying at home at this amenity-laden icon from renowned developer Florida East Coast Realty (FECR).

Paradise Stays

If you’re ready to say goodbye to summer in style, look no futher than the irresistible summer lifestyle offerings at The Diplomat Beach Resort in Hollywood.

Understated Elegance

While a wrist-worn timepiece is essential for maintaining a busy schedule, the firm of Vacheron-Constantin has created a breathtakingly exquisite way of doing so in a limited edition of 30.

Enigmatic Approach

Gustavo Acosta’s A Series Of Unconnected Thoughts showcases the artist’s most recent and timely body of 12 acrylic on canvas paintings that reflect the fragmented realities experienced throughout a unique moment in human history: 2020.

Natural Intrigue

Aroids include many common houseplants like monsteras, peace lilies, philodendrons, pothos and ZZ plants. While many of these tend to be “low light” indoor plants, they’re often understory plants in the wild. The International Aroid Society aims to educate the world on these wonders of Mother Nature.

Bigger’s Better

Key Biscayne is a hidden gem — a paradise — in the heart of Miami. On the island lies another hidden gem: Sabbia Fine Jewelry. Stop by and check out the big jewelry trend.

Home Refresh

As more and more people continue to work from home and establish a work-life balance, reorganizing your most used spaces can make a big difference in your everyday. It may even make you more productive! Let California Closets Miami lead the way.

Suave Tides

If limited to choose just one word to describe the Otam 70HT, it would be “sleek;” if allowed just one more, “suave” would be apt. Happily, there is no limit, so “sophisticated”, “fast” and “capable” also come to mind.

Keratine Keen

It’s no secret: If you live in Florida, your hair is going to need a keratin treatment for the summer. But deciding to have the treatment is just the start. Hisham Sahbane of Hair By Hisham has the scoop.

Back Up

Storing your road or sea toy on a trailer allows you to explore faraway places near and far at a moment’s notice. Backing it into place at home is where the adventure unravels as cries of, “Turn it to MY left!” ring out. Parkit360º is the best solution.

Space-Age Aesthetic

When Louis Vuitton launched its Horizon Earphones a few years ago, many were skeptical. Would the fashionable crowd pay $1,200 for earbuds?! Absolutely! The new Horizon Light Up Speaker is expected to fly off the shelves even faster.

Electro Fun

The Narke GT95 ElectroJet is the first of new generation of vessels with goal to help preserve nature — and a sense of adventure — for generations to come.

Dynamic Interpretations

Molteni&C | Dada By Solesdi Group style has always been related to the protagonists of the world of architecture. The Heritage Collection is a gorgeous homage to the Grand Masters of present time who design cities, spaces, interiors and furnishings — and improve countless lives.

Family Favorite

Terriers are one of the most adorable breeds of dogs. This cuteness is not only rooted in their appearance but also in their fabulous personalities. They also make great family pets.

Lavish Games

Just as the ultimate accessory for a driveway is a Bugatti, now the ultimate accessory for an entertainment room is a Bugatti pool table.

Take The Stage

The renowned choreographer and dancer Siudy Garrido returns to her artistic home, the Adrienne Arsht Center in Miami with her latest production Bailaora.

Family Reunions

There’s no better place to host a family reunion and make up for lost family time and missed celebrations than the British Virgin Islands with its abundance of natural wonders, outdoor adventures, family-friendly resorts, and of course, BVI Love!

Rules of Wear

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but your outfit says a million.

A Pet’s Life

Key Biscayner & Founder of Born Free Pet Shelter, Alicia Aballi, has saved hundreds of animals since 1981. Now living at a 5-acre property in the Redlands, she and her team of dedicated volunteers continue to care for rescue dogs in a humane, open environment where they can exercise and maintain a healthy lifestyle while awaiting adoption and happily living out their remaining years.


Island Hop

A glimpse into Key Biscayne’s dynamic social scene

Home Is Where Mom is

From the moment her baby arrives in the world, a mother’s instincts awaken, guiding her through the joys and challenges of motherhood — offering comfort in times of distress and encouragement in moments of triumph.