Electronic Wingman

Driving while daydreaming might earn you an expensive ticket if you blow through a speed trap. It’s also a safety issue, which is why you need a wingman telling you when to slow it down.
Text by Bill Lindsey | May 18, 2018 | Luxury

Forget all you know about radar detectors; Escort’s all-new MAX 360 makes everything else obsolete. Utilizing technology straight out of fighter jets, the compact unit provides a full 360 degrees of protection against radar and laser speed cameras, plus a database of red light camera locations. Dual antennas allow Max to scan in both directions, while sophisticated filters prevent false alarms triggered by door openers or nearby cars equipped with collision-avoidance radar. While another company pioneered arrows that indicate where the threat is located, the new MAX360 perfected the technology. This means you get the maximum early warning, plus signal bars that let you know how close you are to the radar source. One or two bars is not much to worry about, but 5 bars means you need to check your speed. Sign up for the weekly database updates to make sure you never wander into a sped trap again;