Issue – May 2016

Innovative Inventions

Always looking to make life easier? It’s an exciting time to be a homeowner with a barrage of tech, tools and gadgets designed to add joy and efficiency to every room in the house, even outdoors.

Superior Living

When it comes to residential real estate in paradise, it doesn’t get any better than this sophisticated condo at Ocean Club’s Lake Villa One in Key Biscayne.

Hyper- Feminine Connotations

A strong focus on detail evokes maximalism to its chic limit, turning even the most masculine piece into an interesting, dainty desire.

Enduring Pieces

The season’s enticing architectural looks, alongside timeless furniture objects, combine to define a quintessential and striking living aesthetic.

Maximizing Midtown

Visionary developers Jorge Perez and Gil Dezer, groundbreaking hotelier Sam Nazarin and design genius David Rockwell recently joined forces to create a unique development that has “everything you need, nothing you don’t.” The result is Hyde Midtown.


Meet a few Key Biscayne moms who have dedicated their lives to raising a happy, healthy family and get a glimpse at what makes them worthy of the recognition they deserve.

Architect Of Dreams

Your home is much more than a place for your belongings, and Fernando Guardazzi of Terras Developers is designing built-to-order homes for his clients that meet their needs and exceed their expectations.

“OMG…I’m Turning Into My Mom!”

“Turn that music down!” “Is that eyeliner? Go wash it off!” “Don’t forget to wear sunscreen.” OMG, Who just said that? You don’t know how it happened, but somewhere along the way you’ve turned into your parents.

Special Touch

Tom Whitehurst, CFP, Ph.D., has dedicated his career to helping high net worth families and those with special needs plan for their future while continuing to create work opportunities for adults with developmental disabilities.

Letter From Mother Earth

If nature could speak, what would she say? It’s a question we may not often (or ever) have thought about, but one that we should seriously ponder. Here’s a quick memo that could have been penned by Mother Nature herself.


When it comes to prosthodontics, if you are seeking cosmetic or reconstructive dental work, you should do research before making a decision in order to ensure proper care.

River Of Dreams

Miami has been basking in the limelight since Departures named it “City Of The Future.” Now the spotlight turns to our river, where a renaissance led by One River Point is unfolding.

The Watchmaster

Marty Pomphrey once said there’s something uniquely appealing about the combination of design, craftsmanship, precision and nostalgia that you find in watches. It’s a venerable industry that’s never boring. And he couldn’t be more right.

It’s In The Bag

What do social media influencers and travel writers — who spend 80% of their time jetting off to exotic places — carry in their backpacks or satchels on their trips? Pray, do tell!


Not sure what to do with the kids this summer once school lets out? Don’t fret. Check out these 4 off-the-beaten-path adventures that beg for a picture-perfect photo opp.

States Of Zen

It’s a tough world out there. One has to learn to be a tough cookie and find his or her inner (and outer) peace. Here are some options to guide you in that direction, and reinforce balance in your life.

Linen Living

120% Lino understands the undeniable allure of white linen clothing with its wonderfully neutral look that conveys an understated elegance.

Maturing Miami

Ever wonder exactly what all the construction cranes dotting the sky across the water in Downtown mean to the overall South Florida economy and our property values? Read on to find out.


For artist Lu Gold, inspiration is easier to come by than you might imagine. That’s because it’s all around her, rain or shine.

Electronic Wingman

Driving while daydreaming might earn you an expensive ticket if you blow through a speed trap. It’s also a safety issue, which is why you need a wingman telling you when to slow it down.

Stylish Cooking

Technology’s ever-expanding offerings are appearing in new and wonderful ways in the home.

Femme Très Chic

When a special occasion calls for something more unique and chic, turn to Rex Fabrics for your custom wears and you’ll never buy off the rack again.

Family Glee

Key Biscayne is a place where families reign supreme. It’s a place where everyone knows your name.

The 411

Spotlighting news, launches, announcements, happenings, products & places in and around South Florida.

Garden Gimlet

This month, take a traditional gimlet and make it a drink to remember by incorporating fresh herbs and spices into every sip.

Getting Wild In The West

Venture to the Prairieland of South Dakota and plunge into history and nature like nowhere else on Earth.

Haute Hobbies

Stop holding off on learning a new skill or delaying a beauty appointment. Instead, treat yourself to some personal enrichment and broaden the lens you use to see the world.


An open letter to my 18-year old self: What flying in a rickety plane over The Caribbean contemplating success, yielding to the present moment, quoting Kerouac and deathbed wishes taught me about love.

Dream Serve

The 7th Annual All Star Tennis Charity Event was held at The Ritz-Carlton Key Biscayne with all proceeds supporting First Serve.

Foreign Assist

Fundacion Manos Del Sur held a fundraiser for Las Tunas ONG hosted by Florencia Badino at her residence to benefit underprivileged children from Las Tunas in Argentina.

Musical Cheer

International Recording Artist & Grammy Nominee Sylvia Bennett celebrated the release of her 10th studio album, It’s All About Love, at Grand Bay Club in Key Biscayne.

Style First

Renowned childrenswear brand Elephantito opened its first-ever Lifestyle Store in Miami. Owners Maria Frallicciardi and Alexandra Penso welcomed family, clients and friends to celebrate the new location.


Sweet Treats

From the Everything Cookie to PB&J, Blueberry Cheesecake and S’Mores, Chip City has a flavor for just about any taste in Miami and beyond.