Heartfelt Sentiments

Mo’s Bundt Cakes isn’t just a business — it’s a journey fueled by the cheers and encouragement of those who believed in the magic of bundt cakes and the dreamer behind them.
Words // Sandy Lindsey | Photo // Edward Leal | January 31, 2024 | People

There’s something incredibly special about creating a product that becomes a part of people’s celebrations and happy moments — an extension of the joy felt when family and friends come together. “Every time a customer takes that first bite of our bundt cakes and their face lights up with delight, it’s pure magic,” says Mariolga “Mo” Calderon of Mo’s Bundt Cakes. “I love that our cakes become a canvas for celebrations, big and small, whether it’s a birthday, an anniversary, or just a Tuesday that someone wants to make a little sweeter. It’s not just about the cakes; it’s about being a small part of those memorable moments in people’s lives.” Her childhood was a crash course in baking, thanks to her mother and grandmother, who were always in the kitchen. Growing up surrounded by fresh baked goodies unknowingly laid the foundation for her future. “I’ve always had an innate creativity,” she says. “Even back then, I was always knee-deep in paint or lost in my own world of imagination.” Today, that creative spark has become a cornerstone of her work. “Whether it’s dreaming up a new flavor or envisioning new packaging ideas, those childhood days of artistic exploration have become an invaluable asset in crafting the unique identity of our brand,” she says. For Valentine’s Day, choose from adorable cake jars, delightful mini bundt cakes, heart-shaped red velvet or triple chocolate bundt cakes. Or explore her signature flavors like: Guava, Dulce De Leche or Nutella that promise to add an extra dose of delicious to any occasion;