Hello, Paradise!

Nestled on 17 lush, tropical acres just outside of the city is an oasis of abundance and renewal. Paradise Farms is currently the only Certified Regenerative Organic Farm in Miami-Dade County.
Words // Sandy Lindsey | January 31, 2024 | Lifestyle

A mystically nourishing land with a uniquely elevated environmental consciousness, every visit to Paradise Farms becomes immersive and uplifting — from its magical entranceways to the healing waters, sacred geometries and luscious, fertile land beautifully cultivated year-round with farmer-led, technologically integrated growing plans. Take one of their monthly programmed tours, plan your own custom private tour or visit their weekly market, boasting an incredible array of the season’s freshest fruits, vegetables, mushrooms, edible flowers and healing herbs alongside raw honey and zero-waste ferments — kimchi, sauerkraut, pickles, jams, sauces and dressings — as well as seasonal offerings. The Farm is becoming a top destination for one-day retreats and events, such as the highly-anticipated upcoming revival of Dinners In Paradise. A true farm-to-table experience, it celebrates holistic farming techniques that incorporate the principles of biodynamics, sacred geometry and Feng Shui, all the while mindful of the relationship with The Everglades and wildlife. As if all that was not enough, on-site lodging and more experiences are coming soon. Their philosophy and ingredients are simple: natural, organic elements, love and intention. It doesn’t get more soul-satisfying than that;