It’s In The Bag

What do social media influencers and travel writers — who spend 80% of their time jetting off to exotic places — carry in their backpacks or satchels on their trips? Pray, do tell!
Compiled by Francesca Cruz | May 18, 2018 | Lifestyle

All Packed Up
“No matter what the destination, whether mountainous or seaside, my camera is always with me. You can forget your underwear, a snack, but never the battery charger of your camera, your cellphone and of course the key of your house for your return. I always carry a little sketchbook. Each trip is full of new experiences. I might learn a new word, or meet the love of my life and may want to write down her number. Finally there are these plastic bags with zips. I live for those. It keeps everything organized and safe from getting wet when in rough terrain. — Sam Vasquez, Cancun-based Social Media Influencer

Less Is More
“I like to keep it simple when I travel, and that means carrying as little as possible. I don’t go anywhere without my iPhone and Leica Camera, and if I’m traveling with my kids, an iPad is a must. My lips and hands get chapped on long-haul flights so I always carry lip balm and Kiehl’s Ultimate Strength Hand Salve. I love Aveda’s Botanical Kinetics Toning Mist, which helps hydrate skin and prevent oil build-up. A pashmina is perfect because I can use it as a blanket during the flight, as a shawl on chilly nights or as a scarf. And I always have a pack of spearmint gum, which I share gladly with seatmates on flights. — Celeste Moure, Writer The New York Times, Wallpaper, Travel + Leisure and CN Traveler

Always Ready
“The backpack may change, but the items inside rarely do. I’m a pretty low-impact traveler — as long as I have my iPhone, notebook, Kindle, and camera gear, all will go smoothly. There are 3 other things that I always keep at the ready, and they’re probably the last 3 things you’d expect to hear from a guy: an eye mask, ear plugs and hand lotion. I’m a light sleeper, so those are a must, and non-stop travel equals super-dry skin. I pack a tube of hand lotion or buy some at Duty Free if I forgot my own. I make sure to offer some to my neighbors, too. They always say yes. — Jeremy Scott Foster, Travel Writer & Blogger,