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Just as the ultimate accessory for a driveway is a Bugatti, now the ultimate accessory for an entertainment room is a Bugatti pool table.
Words by Bill Lindsey | August 27, 2021 | Luxury

Bugatti is synonymous with design excellence as exhibited in the Veyron and Chiron cars. Now that same style has been applied to create the ultimate pool table. Working with the carbon fiber design experts at IXO, Bugatti has reinvented the pool table in terms of style and technology. The initial 5 of a total of 30 will be offered in 2021, each bearing the Bugatti logo and individual serial number. In addition to the same carbon fiber used in Bugatti’s automobiles, the tables will feature aluminum and titanium frames adorned with brushed and anodized CNC-machined aluminum. Leather lined stainless steel ball pockets, all secured with titanium hardware, are featured on the tables which meet the standards for professional tournament use. Because stability is critical in billiards, the Bugatti offers an optional, gyroscopic self-leveling system which will be ideal for those tables installed on superyachts to ensure the game continues uninterrupted and unaffected by vibration. Notable accessories include carbon fiber and CNC-machined aluminum cues, a cue rack with a 13” hi-res touchscreen for scorekeeping, a Bugatti-designed ceiling light, chalk box and a leather-lined case to hold the included set of Aramith Tournament Pro Balls;