Meet a few Key Biscayne moms who have dedicated their lives to raising a happy, healthy family and get a glimpse at what makes them worthy of the recognition they deserve.
Interviews by Jorge Arauz Photography by Ximena Etchart | May 18, 2018 | People

Krista DeCastro
Children: Kayla (11); Hailey (7)
Residence: Gardens Of Key Biscayne
Profession: Real Estate Attorney & Partner @ Katz Barron Squitero Faust

Why Key Biscayne? “We moved to The Key in hopes of finding a good public school for our girls. We soon came to realize that the island is a very special place, not only because of the amazing schools and beautiful beaches, but also because of the incredible sense of community.”

Best part of being a mom? “My girls bring so much joy to my life! From seeing their smile in the morning to listening to their funny stories, there’s nothing in life that compares to watching them grow. I’m so thankful every day to have the privilege of raising such beautiful, smart and talented girls.”

Most challenging? “My girls keep me very busy. Between homework, projects, school activities, afterschool sports and playdates with friends, there’s never a dull moment! Trying to find the right balance between raising them and having a career is definitely an everyday challenge.”

Favorite family activities? “We love to just spend time together and try to take advantage of all that our beautiful island has to offer. We often go to the beach to snorkel, paddle board or just sit and soak up the sun with friends and family. We also love boating, biking and watching movies on the Village Green.”

Looking forward to…”I can’t wait to see how my girls handle their next big transition: Kayla is starting middle school at MAST and Hailey will be fending for herself at KBCS. I hope they put some of the things I’ve tried to teach them over the years to good use like respect, responsibility and good judgment.”

Ideal Mother’s Day: “Waking up to breakfast in bed with my girls and my amazing husband before going to Mother’s Day brunch with my mom and sister and spending the rest of the day with family and friends.”

Rose Calero-Cortes
Children: Sofia Isabel (8); Florencia (2)
Residence: Grand Bay Villas
Profession: Broker Associate for EWM & Amateur Photographer

Why Key Biscayne? “On a family level, it’s a secure town where kids can walk and ride bikes freely, a friendly community with good schools and plenty of organized activities where you actually know your neighbors. On a community level, the island allows you to be part of the progress of the Village, and hearings are constantly open to the public for voting and suggestions.”

Best part of being a mom? “First of all, I love being a mom! The opportunity to see wonder in their eyes on a daily basis, it’s a constant reminder to not take the beauty of life for granted. My girls’ innocence and sensible hearts have taught me important lessons on how to interact with my own family and friends.”

Most challenging? “It’s tough to let go of things I can´t control. As a perfectionist and working mom, I want to control every detail of my girls’ upbringing — but that’s just not possible. Hence, I have to trust God and the people around my daughters.”

Favorite family activities: “We like to travel together with our extended family, step sons and siblings every year — the children having a blast is priceless! I know for sure their travel memories will be with them forever.”

Looking forward to…“I want to see my girls as sensible, compassionate, honest and disciplined teenagers and adults.”

Ideal Mother’s Day: “It’s amazing to see their faces light up the night before with all the preparations! From waking up in bed with me to making me breakfast, requesting a gift for mom from dad and making me a card or note…at the end of the day, just receiving a big hug from them means the world to me!”

Lori Rombeiro
Children: Katie (16); Kelli (13)
Residence: Oceana Key Biscayne
Profession: Stay-At-Home Mom

Why Key Biscayne? “Our whole family was excited to move from Ohio to Florida. After researching the best schools in the area, we decided to check out Key Biscayne. The moment we came over the bridge and onto the island, we knew this was the place we would love to call home!”

Best part of being a mom? “My goal from the beginning was to replicate my childhood. I grew up in a happy home with the best parents as my role models. I must have been under a lucky star because my husband wanted the same thing. My favorite thing is hearing my girls laughing and seeing them happy. I hit the jackpot!”

Most challenging? “Now that my girls are teenagers, the most challenging thing for me is that it’s going too fast. I’m still looking for the pause button!”

Favorite family activities? “We love traveling and exploring new places together. It’s great family bonding time and we are making lifelong memories along the way. During the week, everybody’s schedule is demanding so we make sure we have Sunday dinner together and then we end the weekend with a family beach walk.”

Looking forward to…“I try to be careful and not wish my life away, so the stage I love the most is the present.”

Ideal Mother’s Day: “My husband knows that Mother’s Day is important to me and every year he goes out of his way to make it special. I love the homemade cards and gifts from my girls.”