Oceanic Revolution

Underwater ROVs serve a wide variety of professional purposes, including underwater exploration, filmmaking, ship inspections and scientific research. For yachtsmen, divers and hobbyists, they’re simply fabulously great fun.

Imagine diving 1,000 ft. below the sea while staying dry and saving on the hefty expense of a personal submarine. With greater payload capabilities, deeper depths and advanced stabilization, the Deep Trekker Revolution is a completely reimagined ROV. A total of 6 vectored thrusters allow it to move laterally from side to side, as well as make precise forward and backward turns. Users can capture stunning underwater footage via it’s UHD 4K videos and low-light camera. Live footage is transmitted in 4K quality on the controller’s 7-inch screen so you know you’ve gotten every shot. Quick-swap batteries allow for prolonged use. Need to optimize your performance further? From auxiliary cameras to precision thrusters to side bumpers and more, you can customize it to the most exacting specifications. Want to bring home souvenirs beyond video? Check out the optional grabber tools;