Ease your mind and energize your day with these quick adjustments that will add satisfaction and peace to your life and make you wonder why you’ve been stressing for so long.
Text by Estrellita S. Sibila | May 24, 2018 | Lifestyle

Just Breathe
Stress can make your chest tighten up and make you feel like you’re drowning. Counteract that feeling by simply taking a deep, lung-filled breath through your nose, letting the air expand to your stomach and raise your diaphragm. Hold it in and take in a few more sips of air through your nose and hold again. After a few seconds, release the stressful thoughts by pushing the breath out through your mouth in a loud audible “ahhhhhhh.”

Grounded Gifts
When was the last time you connected with nature? Felt the grass and damp soil on your feet or wiggled your toes in the sand? Our ancestors benefited from Earth’s powerful electrons and you can, too. Your immune system operates at optimal levels when you have an adequate amount of electrons in your body which are easily and naturally obtained by having barefoot contact with the ground. Next time your outside, take off your shoes and spend some time digging your feet into the grass. Let the energy enter your body, flirt with your soul and do its dance.

Positive Reflection
Start and end your day with a love note to yourself. Leave messages of strength and empowerment on your bathroom mirror and set aside a few minutes to marinate in each note. Use a few morning minutes to stare into your own eyes and charge your body energy with positive words that help set the mood for a drama-free and productive day. A reminder of your strengths will help you push through seemingly large obstacles like never before. You’d be surprised how many people are just speeding through life unable to spare a few seconds to look at — and love — the person they are.

Smudge Away
Spiritual cleansing is a good habit and one that can help restore balance to your life. Used by Native Americans and ancient cultures around the world to cleanse negative energy from individuals, spaces and objects, it works. Use this to clear your physical, mental and emotional space fom lingering old baggage and unresolved issues. Set a clear and simple intention and use a “smudge stick” of herbs like white sage or calming lavender to harmonize your surroundings. When burned, sage and other herbs release special ions which research has linked to a more positive mood. Safely light the herbs and blow out the flame, letting the herbs smolder. Use the smoke to remove and absorb any negative or remnant energy that doesn’t serve you.

Landscape Break
Lucky for us, Miami is filled with slices of paradise. Whether yours is found on a salty beach with crashing waves, during a slow walk through a fragrant rose garden or just while you swing in your hammock watching the clouds morph from one cartoon shape to another, it’s always great to take a break to experience the world around you. Frequently taking in your surroundings is a simple way to put your mind at ease. Take a seat on a park bench and just feel the world. Listen to the sound of the wind, the chirping of birds and enjoy the kisses of the sun. No one loves you more than Mother Nature.