Prefab Shelter

Meet Jupe. Your temporary guest house, romantic getaway at home and ultimate backyard “campout” for affluent kids. These sustainable short-term, off-grid retreats are all this and more.
Words by Sandy Lindsey | February 27, 2021 | Luxury

The sci-fi Jupe units are 111 sq. ft. that are only limited by your imagination. The size is enough room to house a queen sized bed (included), a pair of end tables (included), a desk and chair, and an average-sized monolith. Ceilings measure a cavernous 11 feet, cloaked in high-performing, flame-retardant fabric. To reduce clutter, Jupe’s sturdy and finished Baltic birch wood floors open up to individual storage cubbies totaling 38 cubic feet, enough space to store 10 large suitcases. An expansive panoramic entryway extends the sense of openness, with side windows providing cross-ventilation, and additional natural light. These $17,500 units are easy to assemble anywhere and wifi-enabled, providing equal connection to the natural and digital world. Its chassis foundation means no decking or foundation needs to be built, and makes units adaptable to most terrains while leaving the land minimally disturbed, so it’s also the ultimate beach cabana or vacation “home” at a secondary location;