Renaissance Time

In addition to precious metals and rare jewels, Renaissance artisans also made use of naturally beautiful items such as ostrich and peacock feathers. Bulgari has reintroduced the technique in a stunning limited edition.
Words by Bill Lindsey | February 27, 2021 | Luxury

The art of feather marquetry was perfected by the ancient Egyptians and Mayans long before Renaissance artisans adopted it. Because it requires a stupendous amount of hand work by the most skilled craftsmen, it was lost to time. Bulgari’s Divas’ Dream Peacock Collection brings back this lost art in a manner that would astound the ancients. Comprised of a trio of distinct designs, each Divas’ Dream Peacock Watch is handcrafted in exquisite detail. The artisan begins by choosing two dozen peacock feathers from a selection of hundreds. Each feather is then steamed to reveal its full palette of colors before being trimmed and then attached to the laser-cut dial. The dials and bracelets are crafted from gold and fine leather and then adorned with hand-selected diamonds. Each timepiece is the result of hundreds of hours spanning many weeks of effort. As a result, no two are exactly the same, adding to the uniqueness of the already exotic series. In addition to being a breathtaking piece of art, each Divas’ Dream Peacock is an accurate, reliable timepiece, powered by a Bulgari BVL movement;