Shining Bright like A Diamond

The team at Diamonds On The Key believes that forming a reliable and trusting bond with your jeweler is just as significant as the trust and service provided by a doctor, real estate agent, lawyer or financial advisor — and building that connection is their top priority with each customer for a lifetime.
Words // Jorge Arauz | Portrait // Josue Acosta | Jewelry Photos // Alberto Gonzalez | February 27, 2022 | Fashion

After more than 16 years of living and working in Key Biscayne, Christina Termine of Diamonds On The Key is one of the island’s most cherished residents. “I run into customers, friends and neighbors on a daily basis everywhere I go, while grabbing a coffee, running errands or having dinner,” she says. “I could be standing in line at the Post Office and a client will literally take off her diamond ring and hand it to me to repair!” Most importantly, she says she respects and supports her fellow small business owners and shops locally for most of her needs. “Whether it’s provisions from the Golden Hog, a gift from The Island Shop, a bottle of champagne from Vinya, or a great Italian meal at Randazzo, I’m so grateful for all the dynamic businesses and experiences on the island,” she says. “When I first relocated from Boston to Key Biscayne, I heard people saying, ‘I live on the Key’…and it inspired the name of my company.”

Diamonds On The Key is a full-service, by appointment, fine jewelry salon, offering a wide array of diamonds and colorful gemstone designs — from bold and trendy to classic and timeless. “We pride ourselves on offering a fine assortment of GIA-certified diamonds and custom-made ring designs,” says Termine. “We also offer expert repair of damaged jewelry and restoration of heirloom pieces that have seen better days!”

Their unique “makeover” process allows clients to update and refashion gemstones or diamonds from old jewelry that they no longer wear, transforming the items into new modern-day, wearable pieces. Each of these services are offered with an emphasis on personalization and a focus on quality, all with a substantial savings over traditional “retail” jewelers. “When a client recently brought me a very special antique ring that her mother wore every day, it was completely crushed and disintegrating, with the main blue sapphire about to fall out of the worn setting,” she says. “I cast a new setting that looked identical to the original antique ring and securely set the sapphire into the new mounting so she could wear her mother’s ring every day and cherish the memories they had together.” 

Diamonds On The Key Owner Christina Termine and Marketing Director Christina Soto recently re-launched the new and improved so clients can browse collections from the comfort of their home. 

Another notable project includes lifelong friends for whom Termine created their original engagement ring. For their 25th Anniversary, the couple wanted a new, larger diamond ring to commemorate this occasion. “After looking through a variety of diamonds, the wife selected a cushion cut and showed me a setting that she admired on social media,” says Termine. “I borrowed elements and custom-created the identical style for her in platinum, a perfect fit for the diamond she chose. We then took her original diamond and remounted it as a pendant, so she could wear both diamonds, old and new, every day.” 

Looking toward the future, Diamonds On the Key plans to keep putting people first. “A continuing goal is to stay better connected with clients through a variety of avenues, such as highlighting jewelry trends and reminding customers of upcoming special events like birthdays, anniversaries, graduations and holidays,” she says. “We recently set up and launched our new e-commerce shop page on our website, allowing clients to purchase pieces directly online any time of day and search the site for gift ideas.” Perhaps most meaninful of all is the thrill she gets from helping clients select jewelry to celebrate life’s milestones. “I’m in the business of making people feel special, loved and appreciated,” she says. “I’ll never tire of bringing joy into my client’s lives.”;