Issue – March 2022

Sky High

No more science fiction. The AirCar has been awarded a Civil Aviation Authority Certificate of Airworthiness after completing a rigorous 70 hours of flight testing.

Style Days

From runway struts to gallery openings and new-age networkers, Key Biscayners were out in full force this season.

Shining Bright like A Diamond

The team at Diamonds On The Key believes that forming a reliable and trusting bond with your jeweler is just as significant as the trust and service provided by a doctor, real estate agent, lawyer or financial advisor — and building that connection is their top priority with each customer for a lifetime.

Life Of Top

181 Crandon Blvd., Unit 202 Key Biscayne

Canine Couture

Nothing complements a world-class wardrobe like a stately pooch by your side, no matter where your heels take you this season.

Leap Of Faith

Big-hearted Key Biscayners share the inspirational stories of how their loving dog rescues came into their lives — one tail wag, one paw-shake, one sweet glance at a time.

Animal Angels

There’s nothing more rewarding than seeing a rescue going to their furever home with a new family. Updates from adopters on how much joy the new pup brings to their life is the impetus to keep the cycle going year after year.

Inner Strength

Be Strong International will host its annual Spring Charity Event on Apr. 5 at The Rusty Pelican, where Miami’s philanthropists will converge to celebrate the tremendous impact their donations will have for vulnerable populations living in South Florida.

Style Wheels

We all want to stand out on the golf course because of our stellar game, but it doesn’t always work out that way. A custom luxury golf cart will definitely distract from your swing in all the right ways.

Compelling Journey

Becky Robbins she spent her early years immersed in the world of global motivational training, helping build someone else’s empire. Today, she’s glorying in a world of artistic freedom.

Pack Up

No fashionista’s road trip would be complete without matching luggage. Mercedes-Benz teamed up with Santoni to yield a collection of travel bags that not only coordinate perfectly with the most delicious vacationwear, but with the new generation Mercedes-AMG SL.

Chef’s Hat

It’s a trip down memory lane for VeritageMiami’s signature Interactive Dinner as some of Miami’s most loved and celebrated chefs from past festivals return for one glorious night.

A.I. Audio

Whether listening to a favorite podcast or relaxing with the sounds of nature in the background, Noveto’s N1 Smart Beaming creates a personalized, cocooned experience, elevating music, casual entertainment and podcasting to the next level.

Virtual Strides

Welcome to The Great Indoors, where you can golf every day with a simulator so real you’ll feel that you’re actually outside, except for the lack of heat and bugs, of course.

Luxe Life

A beautiful home in a fantastic neighborhood surrounded by world-class lifestyle options is a source of a variety of advantages. There’s good health, greater joy and something we can all use a little more of these days: reduced stress.

Tennis Lessons

As “athleisure” has become America’s go-to fashion choice, Denise Cronwall’s beautiful designs are on the forefront of the movement, both on and of the court.

Spicy Sedan

It’s hard to get excited about bologna — unless it’s the town in Italy where Maserati was founded in 1914. Now made in Modena, their latest “spicy dish” is the MC20, a true sport sedan.

Meaningful Sneaks

Valentino has taken two of their iconic sneakers — Open and Rockstud Untitled — and re-designed and re-dedicated them in the spirit of open innovation with a more conscious-driven ethos.

Shelter Sweethearts

Most dog lovers walk into a shelter and want to bring every dog home with them as furever family members. Obviously that’s not possible, but there are many, many other ways you can help.

Sublime Shape

For half a century, Elsa Peretti’s iconic Bean design has personified the designer’s deep-rooted affinity for the natural, organic world and her love of simple, sculptural forms.

Beautifully Behaved

Brian Galea’s Snoot App gives new dog owners immediate access to everything they need to raise a happy, healthy, well-adjusted companion.


Meet Bailey, a sweet 4-month-old Bully Mix, who is a very smart biscuit!

New You

Once used separately, Microneedling with Radiofrequency gives double stimulation for enhanced collagen and elastin growth. The result is improvement in fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars and pore size for all skin types with minimal downtime.

Dog Oasis

Alexa Holloway’s Your Good Dog is every canine’s second home where dogs can play outside, breathe fresh air, enjoy the butterfly garden next door, snuggle on the indoor and outdoor sofas, watch movies or cuddle with staff.Words // Sandy Lindsey Photos // c/o Your Good Dog

Key Note

It seems like just yesterday that I drove all the way from Miami to Savannah and back to rescue a tiny little miracle runt that was born to a family of showdogs.


Culinary Excellence

Savor the essence of world-class cuisine at Toscana Mare in The Towers at Key Biscayne, an oasis of serenity for those seeking the finest in Italian and Mediterranean dishes.

Catalysts Of Change

When it comes to contributing time, skills, and resources, this year’s Angels Among Us consistently prioritize philanthropic efforts with a mindset of giving. Get acquainted with some of the island’s most generous residents who are leaving a lasting legacy that inspires others to make their own impact on the world.