Smart Jeans

Clothes most definitely make the man (or woman). Google wants to not only put wearers on the cutting-edge of fashion, but on the cusp of self-aware technology as well.
Text by Sandy Lindsey | May 24, 2018 | Fashion

Though we may secretly wear them for comfort on the weekends, we don’t normally write about Levi’s on these pages. But when the jeans giant and Google teamed up to invent Project Jacquard smart jeans that will be able to connect wirelessly with phones and tablets with the swipe of a finger, it became potentially life-changing news. Yes, we’ve all seen attempts at Smart Fabric before, but this time the tech is being incorporated into the threads and not the other way around. Google’s conductive “yarn” looks traditional but features a microfiber designed to work in a large variety of industrial weaving machines. What this means is that one day we may be communicating with our mobile platforms not only via our jeans, dresses, suits and coats but by way of mediums you never dreamed possible.