Space-Age Aesthetic

When Louis Vuitton launched its Horizon Earphones a few years ago, many were skeptical. Would the fashionable crowd pay $1,200 for earbuds?! Absolutely! The new Horizon Light Up Speaker is expected to fly off the shelves even faster.
Words by Zelda Grant | August 27, 2021 | Luxury

Inspired by the wildly popular Toupie handbag, an iconic piece from the 2019 Fall/Winter Collection, the Louis Vuitton Horizon Light Up defies any expectation of how a loudspeaker should look. With a precious combination of leather and steel, the new speakers resemble more of a spaceship than sound equipment. When you start playing music, it lights up, changing colors according to the sound of your favorite jams. The entire experience activates all your senses to create a true “wow” factor. At the heart of what gives this $2,890 piece its unique identity is a combination of heritage, fashion, playfulness and entertainment that can only be pulled off by LVMH;